Sunday, 25 August 2013


I had planned to do the yoga 'Detox' disc again today, but woke up with very sore legs. It did feel hard work when I did it yesterday, lots of chair pose (like a wall sit, without the wall) standing splits and other things that involve standing on one leg. So, I went for  my run this morning, and will do the 'Hardcore' and 'Gentle' discs tonight.

And I'm juicing.
It feels good to juice.

I've been reading about gall bladders. I know so many women how had had their out. I know it's more common for women to have issues due to the all the hormones, but eating fresh fruit and veg and nuts in particular, have been shown to lower the risks.

I don't want my body to be crap and give up on me. So juicing. Rawness. Fitness. Yeah.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Weekend Of Awesome

Too much work recently.
This is my weekend of being super, super healthy. I will be going back to running everyday, and although I've been doing yoga everyday, this weekend will be extra yoga, mountains of fruit and veg.

Also, I am the Citrus Queen!
I am knocking back lemon and lime water by the gallon.  

This morning I ran just over three miles, taking it easy to see if everything was OK with my sinuses, and it was. No spitting blood  or nosebleeds.
Good to go.

I then did the yoga 'Detox' disc. Travis talks about how it's all about twists, lots and lots of twists and core work. And I did the 'hardcore' disc before it, so my abs were pretty much shot before I started it.

Dinner will be rice based, then I will body brush and have a bath with sea salt.

Tomorrow will be along the same lines, I need to be sane and healthy again before I go back to work on Monday.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Up until 10:30 this morning I was feeling DAMN healthy. I have been so very, very sensible with food.
SO much green stuff. Juices and smoothies in almost insane proportions.
I am the Green Ness Monster! Nothing more junkie than a square of organic dark chocolate has passed my lips in over a fortnight. If I'm having orange juice, I'll just whizz some spinach in there too.

But then today I had to have a root and the assorted metal bits that were attached to it removed from my jaw. But even then, I'm a bit sore, and have taken some painkillers, but it could be worse.
I have been running 5 k at least every days this August, and doing a minimum of 1 hour of yoga a day. The one hour of yoga is what's really making the difference, that and all the veg. My skin is looking good.
I am sleeping a lot, but I think I'm de-toxing a bit, too. The other good thing is my daughter has taken an interest in healthy recipes, and so when I presented her with a brown rice and broccoli bake for her dinner last night, she didn't sulk.

I should now have far less problems with my sinuses, what with the root being taken out, as it was intruding on them, and my glans on that side were often swollen, so I think I've had an underlying infection for possible, erm, months? Years?
Now I will be will bloody well glow!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kick-Ass Improvement

Lat night was the first time I did the yoga 'Cross training' disc and kept up, all the way through. No stopping and slipping into child's pose while skinny Californians on my television keep going like it aint no thang. It was hard work, but I felt good.

Today I ran for 4 miles, and also went on a 3 mile walk with the kid. And tonight I will do the strength training disc. That IS hard. I WILL NOT be able to complete that. Yet.

I want to become a hippy type person and live in a bubble of healthy food and yoga and hemp underwear.
As such, I am going to add a slightly tree-hugger element to my posts, and so-

Today I am : Healthy, slightly lazy, wishing I had a Moomin keyring, drinking herbal tea and generally optimistic.

If today was my last, would it feel wasted?: No. But, after thinking about that, I've decided to not bother doing any more work today, and will crochet an owl, instead.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Two Solid Hours

Of yoga last night.
That, it turns out, is a long time. Really feeling it today. My core is not my friend.
I did the 'Vitality' disc, the basis of which is backbends, and then I did half of the 'Yin' (holding stretches for a super-long time) disc. That comes to two hours. That also made my run this morning very hard work. My legs are a bit fried, and my wrists are tender too from all the downward dogging (oo-er). I will do 'mountain pose series' tonight, which is half an hour, with half an hour meditation on it as well. Or the 'cop out' disc as I call it.

I'll have to get up very early for my runs for the next few days as I'm working, on the upside, it will be cooler, and I'm absolutely not cut out for running in the heat. The thought of doing a summer marathon or triathlon utterly horrifies me, to my aching core. It will take some serious getting used to.

Monday, 5 August 2013

More Baked Porridge

My life is currently revolving around backed porridge, running and yoga.
I haven't cycled for a couple of weeks or swam, but I am still just about managing 5k each morning. Today was less uncomfortable, so I'll try a little further tomorrow.

And this is mainly what I'm eating. It's more fruit than porridge.

I put fruit in a bowl.

I pour on rice milk, with cinnamon, oats and a spoon of Stevia mixed in.
I put it in the oven.

The gentle cooking in the oven, as opposed to getting mashed about on the hob means the fruit is lovely.

Tonight I'm doing yoga 'Cardio'. I don't want to. I've only done it once, so it has to be done again this week or else, but I am not looking forward to it.
Just have to focus on how amazing I'll feel afterwards.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

More Muscle

I did the strength dvd tonight. Last time I had to stop before the end, as missing out some of the repetitive cycles was not enough, I had to stop. This time I stayed with it to the end, just collapsing occasionally and slipping into child's pose when the shaking got too much.

I also ran 5k this morning, as I did yesterday morning. It was stupidly hard. It's the heat, I'm sure, as the one I did on the 1st of the month was great. It was pouring with rain. It was great.

There is a definite physical change going on. I suppose I have now done 15 hours of very regular and challenging yoga. When I made up my own practise, it wasn't hard.
I honestly do think there will be a massive change by the end of the first month, and can't quite comprehend how much stronger I will be by the end of the 108 days.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Back Fat

I have less of it.
My back feels different, as do my shoulders.

Tomorrow I will have done 14 hours of yoga in 14 days. The vitality one was indeed sweaty, and there were lots of breathing exercises too. I did the mountain pose and meditation series yesterday, which was quite easy physically, and the cross training one today.
The cross training disc was the first one, and it was nice to see the improvement between now and the first time I did it a couple of weeks ago. Some of the flows I had to sit out, I could do one or two sets of sequences but was then done. Tonight I was able to complete all of them, and just struggled a bit with the amount of time I have to hold chair pose (like a wall sit without the wall).

I also managed to run on my ankle. Just 5k, but it didn't hurt at the end, just mild discomfort. And it was pouring with rain, which was just wonderful.

And I'm really into baked porridge.
I put some oats, rice milk, strawberries cinnamon and little agarve nectar in the fridge to soak overnight, and in the morning add some chopped banana and bake it for 20 mins. It's like a really soft, moist, not-too-sweet milky flapjack. Just lovely.