Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I'm trying to work out the balance between getting the training done, and not making my sinuses any worse.
So today I went out to see how far I could go without feeling rough, and at about 8 miles I felt a little odd, and so did 10 by the time I got home, still feeling ok-ish.

As much as finishing a marathon is about being able and used to running long distances, being generally fit is also hugely important, and so I think my cross-training is going to help me. As well as regular running, getting my legs into the running 'zone', and leaving less days between runs, even if it is just short ones.

This week is ALL about the running. I will do 8 miles tomorrow before work, and then 5 each morning the next two days, rest on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. It WILL be 20 miles at least. I will run along the railway for ten miles then turn back, so even if I have to walk a bit at the end, 20 miles will be covered by my legs. Or else.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Yay, And What??

The yay is a surprise package!
My truly lovely friend Anneke is just back from Sea Otter (a big bike festival type thing in California) and she sent me this!!!

Firstly, Tough Chik, yes! Secondly, Loki brand sticker, yes indeedy!! Thirdly, awesome t-shirt, and the bike is made out of phrases like 'I'm faster than your daddy.'

I'm going to put the stickers on my transition box, I already have a Timmy monkey from ThinkGeek and my Batman sticker. Mine will be the coolest box in transition.

The 'what?' is that when I got up I had no intention of entering the ballot for the London marathon next year, but found myself getting caught up with the excitement of all my friends entering, and so I did too. Now I really hope I get in!

Still feeling a bit weird, did half a mile in the pool with the pull buoy in, and then some sets of 50m trying to keep up that same pace. The a school came in, and I've been pushed for time all day so got out then.
I'm hoping to feel a lot better tomorrow and get a long run in. 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 7



I'm ill.

My sinuses are being evil, this week's has been stupid, I've not had enough sleep, and I'm so ready for a day off!

I had hoped to be home in time for a long run today, but the hire car the council gives us broke down, taking up 3 hours of my afternoon, waiting to be rescued. I went out and did 5k when I got home, but my face was throbbing and I felt awful.

So I came home, and swallowed vit Bs and C, echinacea and garlic capsules.

I doubt if I've lost much weight this week, but I'm sure I've put on more muscle, I feel stronger, and can hold positions like plank for longer than I could a week ago.

Next week will be about keeping up with the bootcamp exercises, but will clean my eating up.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 6


And yet, when I got home, and the camber sloped to the left, I still took my right foot out, like I usually do,  but there was no point in it as gravity was too strong. I realised as I was falling it was my left foot I should take out if I'm leaning to the left. It was a tad late by then.

My knee is hurty and sore. However, I'm going to get a decent run in tomorrow after work, so didn't do my hard brick session today, just the bike.

My food intake today has been good, I've been blending fruit into protein shakes and will be having soup tonight.

Tomorrow is the last day of bootcamp. Although, a lot of the things I've been doing, like extra planking and press-ups, I'm going to continue doing, as well as getting back to being able to do the splits.
I saw this, and while I know it will take me more than a fortnight, I will get my splits back!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 5

I didn't intend to have any rest days this week, but today has been stupidly busy, and my core is in less agony, so tonight I will do 100 press ups and a ton of core work, but no proper outdoor training.

Tomorrow will be a big day. I finish work at 1pm, then I will do a long brick session of a 20 mile bike and a 6 mile run. I have ordered some new smelly teas, and have been drinking lots of sparking water with lemon juice. Both teas are orange-based. There has to be a fruit influence for me to enjoy herbal/non-normal teas, otherwise they just taste like envelopes to me.

In other news, I was being an idiot and broke my toilet seat, someone in Russia is using my email account to spam people, and I was forced to interrupt a conversation between two people at work regarding the difference between ducks and seagulls, ie, there are some.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 4

Today was all about getting stuff done. Getting miles done. Getting work loose ends sorted. Getting 100 press-ups done, which I did in 10 sets of 10, and as I was working in an office alone, many were done there. Other people get cigarette breaks. Press-up brakes are just if not more valid.

My wrist band came :) The next one I order will say 'Prepare for glory!' on the back.

I didn't start work until lunchtime, and so ran 9 miles beforehand. I have felt out of the running grove this week, but with 8 miles a couple of days ago and 3 the day after the tri, it's building up again nicely.
I'm beginning to feel some marathon fear. It's a long way. Eek.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 3

Oh my arms!!

Today's project was to swim a mile with a pull buoy. Really make my arms suffer, as it makes them turn over much quicker, as they have to do all the work.
I felt fast, and was very chuffed at 41 mins, which is about 12 minutes faster than without a buoy. I actually doubted my watch for a few moments.

 I then did some lengths without it, trying to keep up the same cadence, and body position in the water. It was hard work, but I felt fast. I need to be able to do that all the time!

I had been thinking about doing my long run today, but my legs are shot, and although I'm working all weekend, I am off Monday, so shall do my 18 then, and the 20 on the following Sunday, before the taper begins.

I then when into Peterhead Morrisons (where everyone smells bad) and bought so much stuff, including four 2 litre bottles of sparking water, and then walked back to the car in full on 'farmers walk' mode, with the same pained expression as the men in the gym.

In other news, I have ordered myself a bespoke motivational wristband and according to the email I got today it has been dispatched! It says something awesome. Hope to be able to photograph it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 2

I decided not to do my weights and stuff before running. Yesterday had been very hard work, even for just a few miles, I think I was still quite tired from Sunday, oh, which reminds me, here is Kevin's report, it's almost as cheery as mine!

I intended to run ten miles, and felt OK, but I had forgotten my knee support, and it started to twang, so decided on the run to take an 8 miles route. I still have my long run to do later this week, and want to be in good shape for it.

I then came home and had a liquid lunch.
One is a spinach, orange and banana smoothie, the other is a strawberry, banana, almond milk and protein powder shake/smoothie thing.

I drank the green one straight out the jug. I'm not one for creating washing up.

There is a fair amount of actual work I should be doing at home today, but also found a way to fit in watching 300 whilst lifting weights and wearing my Rocky pants.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 1

Batman undies on today.

And to make it better, I luckily had a day off work.

I started off doing press ups and planking and such, then a slow 3 mile run ( I wish the wind would stop), then off to the pool.

My swimming looks and feels slow, or 'languid' as one observer has commented, so I really need to get my stroke rate up. My arms move much faster when using the pull buoy, so I took that with me. It was heaving in there, really busy, but I did swim up and down for half and hour, feeling very fast, but totally losing count of lengths
I need to approach this the same way as running.
Do intervals. Shorter, faster bursts to get the speed up in general. The cut off for the Aberfeldy swim is probably 1 hour 15 min, and I know I can do 1.2 miles in that, as I have done before (just) so continually swimming up and down locked in my 'languid' pace isn't helping me. So along with the pull buoy, I also did a few 'swimming as fast as I can' sets of 50m. I found when swimming faster there was a bit more splashing near my head, in general everything felt a bit different.
I regretted doing all the weights and push ups first thing as my arms were on fire when swimming, but I think that's part of the problem. I'm just not strong enough.I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

I would have stayed in the pool longer but took my nose clip off whilst catching my breath at the end, and snapped it putting it back on, so had a go swimming without it, and nearly drowned. I was blowing air out my nose underwater as hard as I could, but it was awful. I had to do a rubbish breast stroke in the end.
I will need to duck tape my nose shut for the Ironman.

I am on course to have 9 portions of fruit and veg, and 75g of protein. Get in!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Turriff Triathlon

I generally keep my swearing to myself. I do it in my head, as I think it can look a bit rough, and can make people feel uncomfortable, and you never know when there's going to be a kid within earshot.

However, mucho swearing today, and so mucho swearing in this report. Because it's fucking necessary.

Firstly, I was windy when I woke up. Bollocks, I thought.

I got my stuff together, it started at a decent time, so no rushing about, but I got 5 miles down the road and realised I'd forgotten my number belt, so had to go back and get that.
Parking was quite easy, and I only took a big bag with me instead of my box, to save making trips to the car. This was my first mistake. ALWAYS TAKE THE BIG BOX.
The weather was dull, but I didn't think it would rain much. It sodding well did. It bucketed it down. Everything got drenched.

This is before the start, and before the rain -

This the free towel!

This is my bike ready to go.

So firstly, the swim. I was in the slowest heat, and was regularly tapped on the foot by people who wanted to overtake. At one point I stopped to let one by, and the other three were so close behind him, I let them all go. I completely forgot how to swim. My form was rubbish. I saw the others get out when they're lengths were done, the pool was emptying and I had 10 lengths left to do, I felt pretty low swimming up and down by myself, like a total impostor who shouldn't be in the pool. But then the counting bloke taps me on the head and tells me I have 2 more to go??? What the fuck is up with my counting skills?!

As it was, I was third from last out of the pool in general. I then wasted a huge amount of time trying to find my shoes outside the pool door. A man helped me look, as it was he was actually standing in front of them, which was why I couldn't see them. Second lesson, always make a proper mental note of where I leave things.

Then there was a 150m run through a underpass and round the side of the sports centre to the car park. During this run the second to last swimmer overtook me. And the third overtook me early on in the bike.
The bike was STUPIDLY uphill. People had said, and they weren't bloody kidding.
However, I saw a woman ahead and overtook her. She have been ahead of my on the uphills, but the downhills were equally steep, and I think she must have been a bit scared. All the while, it's raining, and then hailing, and the third lesson ALWAYS TAKE BIKE GLASSES. So much hail in my face. Blinding. Sore. Awful.
The good news is I didn't need to pee. I did however, have a blinding headache. I worked hard on the swim, and often got a face full of water when I was hoping to breathe, and then all the uphills, my brain was very oxygen deprived. I drank out of my areo bottle, and was alarmed to see blood all over the straw. A cut had appeared on my lip, and my tongue, and I have no idea how it happened.

I get back to transition for the run, my bike shoes are drenched, and my trainers, which have been sat out, were soaked and full of hail. The run was all uphill to start with, and on the downhill my boss was in his front garden, so it was nice to get a cheer from him.

So, including the looking for shoes and run round to the car park, my swim time was 24:18. I'm quite happy with that, as I think it was probably actually 21:00 ish of swimming, if not less.
My first transition was 01:40.
My bike was very slow, 55:08
Second transition 00:56
And this bit I'm chuffed about, the 5k run was 27:20. That a PB of 01:18.

I was so sodding wet. So cold. My dry clothes to change into got drenched in my bag. I sat on my free towel and drove home in my tri suit with my soaked sweatshirt over the top.

It's now warm and sunny. The god of triathlons is a cruel god!!
I originally thought I was second from last, but since seeing the actual results, I was fourth from last, so much happier with that!

Probably the best way to describe the whole thing is a 'Special Hell'.
Awful, but I'm absolutely doing it again. And again.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


First up, awesome fundies came in the post, from a very dear friend! They truly are AWESOME!

Secondly, tomorrow is my first triathlon. I have just realised how scared I am. I am not going with anyone, so have no one to prattle on nervously at on the way there. I will take lots of pictures, so if you know me and you're going to be there (hello, Kevin and George) expect me to take your pic. And stand about looking lost and scared.

Thirdly, I have been planning my 300 bootcamp week.

I have late starts all week, but I'm still going to get up at 6am. Here is the plan-

I will write '3' on my hand. I will lose 3lbs.
I will eat 8 portions of fruit and veg a day, and 2 litres of water, and 60g of protein
Over the course of the week I will do 300 press ups, 300 sit ups, and 300 squats, 3x3 mins of lifting heavy, wall sits and planking.
I will weigh in and take measurements on Monday, 22nd, and again on Monday, 29th
I will shout 'This is Sparta' every time I do something good.

Of course, on top of this I will be doing normal running, swimming and biking.

I went swimming today. It's actually not bad on a Saturday as they have the lanes swimming only section, but there were a few people who couldn't handle the whole going anti-clockwise thing. I was also chuffed as I started out in the slow area, but kept catching up with people, so went into the medium bit. There was a bloke who was quite fast, and I could feel him catching up with me every third length, so I would wait at the end of every second and let him go ahead. I only did 35 minutes, because of tomorrow. Not that I think anything's going to make much difference!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Hi Bob

I am just home (20:30). Today started at 5am, and I ran 5 miles (faster than yesterday) at 10:07 min miles.
Work was both hard and boring at the same time.

Tomorrow's knickers don't need to be that bad ass, I'm only going swimming and some sewing and shopping.

Next week I'm doing a virtual bootcamp with some friends.
I am basing my plan around the film '300'. I will be doing 300 of lots of things. It's gonna be a tough week, but one which will yield some positive results, I'm sure.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Strong Knickers

I got up at an unholy hour this morning to run 5 miles before work. The time still started with a 4.
I run very slow first thing, but it probably does me good to start out that way.

The same is on the menu for tomorrow, although I'd like to do 6 miles, as my mileage is a bit low this week, but tomorrow is such a hideous day, I have decided Operation Fundies must be brought into effect tomorrow.
I can't wait for next week.
I will run first thing, then have a day's work with the council, doing a lot of catching up and proper getting stuff done by deadlines, and then at the end of the day I shall be off to work at my other job, and no doubt do all kinds of mental heavy lifting and horrible yukkiness until late.

So, Hulk fundies, obviously. They'll help.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nearly A Third Of The Way To Mordor

A week or so ago, my friend Pam cycled to Mordor and back again.
In other words, she sat on her spin bike and pedalled through 3 very long films.
After that long on the saddle, she would have needed my two best friends.

Today the weather is hideous.
The road is flooded, and the trail is muddy, and I was supposed to run 12 miles.
I got home from work at 12, only to be ambushed by the plumber, and so it was even later by the time he had finished what he was meant to be doing.

Once he was gone I decided to cross-trainer for the amount of time it takes Boromir to get killed killed, and for Aragorn to say they shall not leave Merry and Pippin to their fate. In other words, about 3 hours. However, my legs were threatening to fall off, so as it was, I kept going until Moria (2 hours)
I am quite secure in my masculinity, in that I know weather doesn't usually put me off, but what with the time, and how yesterday's run made my knee play up again, the cross trainer is a lot less impact, but a good substitute. And being on it for so long, is good training for the long, slow activity.
I can feel my body changing, I'm definitely getting new muscle. Or losing fat so that old muscle can be noticed more. There's still a long way to go, and this week I have only lost a pound, but for the past 5 weeks, since really monitoring my weight, I have lost between 1-2 pounds every week.

Tomorrow and Friday I will run early in the morning, and Saturday just a swim, and then next week it will be back to the long runs again, as there won't be another event until the Baker Hughes 10k just the before the marathon, and that's no big deal at all.

And next week I am conducting a experiment to see if  fundies (fun undies) can make a person feel more fun.
A lot of women report feeling more confident and happy in nice underwear, but I want to see if wearing Batman and Spongebob undies will make me feel more superhero/friendly to starfish.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Stupidly Windy

Running in this wind was very hard work. Dry earth was blowing off the fields, and I spent a lot of the run with my eyes shut, or streaming with tears.

So, five miles, very hard work, at a gentle (slow) 10:20 min miles.

I then drove to the pool, dodging several sheep feed buckets, a 'For Sale' sign, a heron that was trying to navigate the ferocious gusts. I did 750m in 22:42, which is 42 seconds longer than I told them I could swim 750m in. However, it's nearly a minute and  half faster than when I was having a bad day last week, and I wasn't really pushing it today. My cap tried to come off twice so there was some hair fiddling. It's an awesome bright pink cap with a skull and crossbones on, but it needs to be pulled right down to stay on, and then it's tight and gives me a headache.
It was busy, but my half of the pool was filled with sensible people doing lengths, and we were passing each other very closely, but it was fine. There were no unaware selfish old people doing diagonal backstroke.

I have to embalm early tomorrow, so as much as I hate running later in the day, I shall get my 12 mile run done around lunchtime, and that will be my long run out of the way for the week. Next week it's back up to 18, then 20 the following week. And it bloody will be 20 this time!

Monday, 15 April 2013


I woke up at 3:30ish this morning, and though the best thing to do was to lay there and worry about stuff that will probably never happen and that I can't do anything about, for 4 hours.

If I had known I wasn't going to be able to go back to sleep, I'd have done some work, and gone for an early run. I had been hoping to fit a pre-work swim in, but by the time I was ready to leave, I'd have only been in the pool for 20 minutes, so decided to go tomorrow for a good, long proper session when it's quiet at lunchtime.

So today will be a rest day, and I have eaten tons of fruit and veg and taken supplements. I have also stretched for an hour (in my office) and will do some yoga and core work tonight,a nd go to bed early, as I'm shattered.

And I will run before the swim tomorrow. Proper sporting day.
The way my training program works, this is my easy marathon training week, where the mileage is dialled back a bit, which very handily coincides with the tri this weekend, so my longest run during the week will be 12 miles. A nice distance.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cold, Wet, Brick.

So Kevin says 'You should do your session today wearing a wet trisuit, as I will find your misery amusing, bwahahaha.....'
Well, kind of. He possibly didn't phrase it that way. He possibly put forward a case for the usefulness of testing out clothes when they are wet.

So, today I put my tri suit on, and then stood in the shower, got out, put socks over my still wet feet, and then a jacket, and went out to do 15 stupidly windy miles on my bike. Friggin' cold, man! But at least I know it doesn't chafe or ride up when it's wet. And I know how long it takes to dry, and what it feels like.

It was ridiculously hard work, but was a good chance to try out my tri bars. Although, I put my saddle too far forward, and the little food box on top got in the way of my knees, and I couldn't get to my drink easily, but I felt OK using the bars a few times, when the wind was behind me, and not being an evil side wind trying to push me into traffic.
The thing with them is steering. The position felt fine, I like leaning forward, and it's going to be great for my hands, the way they get so numb all the time, I can take the pressure off of them, it's just you only need tiny movements to steer, so will have to work on that. I will have another fiddle with them, then put the foam padding on the rests. They are quite high still, and not as close together as they could be. I'll move them a bit when I'm more confident with them.

Then I put my trainers on, took my jacket off and out a running top on over my tri suit, and went for a 5 mile run. It was hard going, but with minimal boobage-movage. Hurrah!
It was only the day before yesterday that I did 19 miles, so my legs were a little shot to start with, and I couldn't drink much on the bike and didn't take a drink in the run, but did 5 miles.
Both things were slow, effected by my tiredness as well as the stupid wind.
14mph average on the bike, 10:16 min miles on the run.

My hair pissed me off.
I have worked out the perfect triathlon hairstyle, but there are still the little wispy side bits that get in the way, so I have ordered a Nike hairband (hair, not head). It's probably going to look like a bandanna, I've seen lots of women with them, but this one is reversible. It is pink on one side and grey on the other.
I shall use it to reflect my mood.

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Today the limit of my sporting was half an hour on the cross trainer, which was kind of like physio, and some stretching and rollering. My legs feel OK, and some gentle crosstrainering (totally a word) was nice, especially as my daughter was out, so I could sing as badly and as loudly as I wanted.

I also put my tri bars on my bike. They will probably take a bit more adjusting to get them right, and even more time to get used to using the things at all, but shall be interesting when I try them out properly. I really wish I had a turbo so I could have a go without the risk of instantly falling off.

The plan for tomorrow is a 15 mile bike and a 5.5 mile run straight afterwards, wearing my tri suit, to see a) how comfortable it is, and b) if my boobs move, and so if I could get away with no bra on Sunday. Pancake City, population, me, is what I want.

Yes, Sunday. A week tomorrow. First triathlon.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Oh, Poop.

Same as last week. A mile short.
I did 19 miles, and as that was where my house was, and my legs were so hurty, I just went in, rather than do a final little one mile loop.

The negatives

1) Didn't complete the distance I wanted to do.

2) It was very slow, and got even slower towards the end.

However, there are some positives!

1) I did nearly 840 foot of elevation. Edinburgh has more downhill than up, so my training (hill wise) is harder than the event.

2) My MP3 player ran out at 15 miles, so when I was beginning to really feel tired, I had to listen to myself breathing. And it wasn't that bad. Seeing as there'll be no music on my head in the marathon, doesn't hurt me to get used to silent running.

3) Knee was ok. A couple of tiny twinges, but the support felt very solid, and I varied what side of the road I ran on, as on single tracks, both side slope down, so I gave my legs equal goes at being higher than each other.

4) My nutrition worked well. I had a gel every hour. I like the SIS ones, they are not thick, and they say 3 an hour on the packet, but that would mean £3.60 an hour! I may well have an extra gel or two on the day, but can't afford it in training.
The best part is I don't dread taking them. I was actually watching the time for when I'd be allowed another one.

 5) After my long run two weeks ago, I felt sick, tried and awful for the rest of the day. Last week, I felt more human after a bath, and ok to do a bit of sewing in the afternoon. Today, pretty much ok. Can eat fine, had a protein shake and some cereal when I came in, and after my bath, did some hoovering and such. I won't be running up stairs with gay abandon for the rest of the day, but in general, feelin' dandy.

6) It's 2 more miles than I managed last week.

7) I used Bodyglide stuff under the band of my bra, as I've been getting horrible sore rubbed bits of grazed skin that make me scream in the bath/shower afterwards. Vaseline didn't work last week. Bodyglide worked this week. No screaming. Hurrah.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rest. For Sure.

Yesterday was pretty crapola.

I needed a light training day. The swim was all I managed, and  had intended to spend the afternoon cleaning the house and getting some sewing orders done, as I am working all weekend, but the most I could do was lay on the sofa and watch a DVD of Sherlock, season 2, accompanied by a pounding headache.
I don't get them often. I feel like the world should stop when I get a headache.

I was in bed by 9pm, full of spinach smoothie and a fizzy Berroca thingy. And then a red smoothie as I bought raspberries, so had a load of them blended into hazelnut milk.
I also massaged a load of almond oil into my legs, and rollered them.
I hoped all that would make me feel normal again when I woke up.

It didn't. I woke up at 5.30 with a headache, and went back to sleep for an hour and half, and have spent the day in a hot conference room, staring at an eye splitting powerpoint presentation, and it's made me feel sick and weird.

I had intended a little run today, but will just have a bath and another early night, as it's long run day tomorrow. I have eaten super healthily today. 10 portions of fruit and veg. Yeah.
I'm sure I'll feel fine soon.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I Can't Pee On A Bike!

I've been thinking.
I always need to pee after swimming. Today I thought I'd drink a lot less before swimming to see if it helped, but the water was extra cold, and I ended up with a blinding headache. I did 46 lengths, kids everywhere, and then got out. The first 30 took me 25 mins. I am sooooo gonna be last at Turriff. Although I still hurt from yesterday, as my bike felt particularly hard. I woke up at 5.30 as this body clock thing is working, and lay there till 6.30, immobilised by exhaustion.

So not drinking before swimming is not a good idea.

Having had a look at forums and such, everyone is just saying, pee on the bike.

I honestly don't think I could.

Not only do they say to pee in races, but to practice it in training! That if you are well hydrated it won't smell.
That it's fine. Get used to it.

I just can't be that cavalier about public urination. I would rather fit myself a catheter, except for the fact it would be a tad obvious....

Anyhoo, my new tri suit arrived, and  it's a bit of a squeeze to get it up over my hips, but once on it's great. I had always thought I'd need to wear a bra with it, and with my tri top I would need a bra, but this suit is tight. The internal bra is rather substantial, and totally pancakes me. I look like a boy with big hips. The legs are nice and long, and come just above my knees, and don't cut off my circulation.
This Sunday I will do my brick session, and try running and cycling in it, and see how it is. If I don't have to wear a bra I'll be overjoyed.

I have my car back. It is still making a noise. He didn't have time to properly investigate it, but gave it a drive, and said it's not that bad, worry about it later.
I will however, get it back in there before Edinburgh.
And tomorrow I am on a stupid food hygiene course that is utterly irrelevant to my job but still a requirement. I will go for a little run early in the morning, as Friday will be my long run day.
Aiming for 20.
Going to take two gels with me.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Too Tired To Blog

That would be because of a hectic day starting at 5:30.
And lack of car meant a cycle commute on a windy and occasionally snowy day.
However, my Garmin says I burned 1600 cals, and I recently reduced my weight on it, as I've lost another pound this week, so even if it's a bit generous, that's still a nice amount of calorie burnage.

Must lay down now....

Monday, 8 April 2013

Dang And Blast

I have ordered a tri suit.

I could cope if it was just swimming in the other one, but I'm sure by the time the bike finished my legs would have been purple with lack of circulation, let alone the run. Plus, this one I have ordered would be good for everyday pool swimming, and I could use another swimsuit, so this lovely thing should be here soon. It's not an expensive one, but got very good reviews in the triathlon magazine. Kevin offered to lend me one of his, but I was worried I'd split a seam with my hefty behind!

So this morning I got up at 5.30, which was a bit easier as I woke up naturally about 5.15, and went for a run. I decided to take it easy as it's only two days ago that I hurt my knee. Everything was fine for about 6 miles, I took it slow, and nothing hurt. Then all of a sudden OW! I was three miles away from home, and as I was limping downhill, I noticed it eased, as I was moving a bit faster. So I decided to be super tough and just run a lot faster. It almost immediately felt better, only hurting again when I ran slowly uphill.
So it seems slow plodding is causing problems, and faster, better technique with more spring running is fine.
You can see from my Garmin link the negative splits. I should probably train like that more often.
Felt rather happy to manage nearly 9 miles after all that.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Oh, The Horror!!

The horror would be me, in my tri shorts.

I have tried them on, and I knew the silicone leg holes were a bit snug, today I wore them swimming, and my legs looked like a string of chunky sausages. The cut in right in the middle of my thigh, into the fattest part.
And, the pocket on the back of my top inflated with water as I swim along, unless I tuck my top in, which means putting the shorts up higher, and I hate tucking things in. I'm too gangsta to tuck in!!

So, I need longer shorts. I'll have to. I can't cope with people seeing me like that.

On the upside, I did 45 mins of swimming, which qualifies as a rest day, and felt far more shattered than usual, as I know I was faster than usual. I think it was down to arm turnover, and I was overtaking people all over the shop. Slow, old people, but still. It felt good.

The next couple of weeks are going to be full of swimming.
And biking.
And running.
But more swimming that usual.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

17, And Not 18 Miles

Which is a bummer.

I honestly thought everything was going to be OK. I felt good. I had even survived a dog incident one and half miles in, involving a mad retriever who kept jumping up at me, leaving me with some fetching, bleeding welts that were sore not only with the friction of running, but sweat made them sting.
As I ran away I came up with a great speech to give the stupid owner about controlling her dog, but all I managed at the time was 'THAT HURT!' said firmly to her face as I ran past.

I got 9 miles out, and sped up a little as there were then some downhill sections, and felt great. Last week, at 15 miles, I could not have gone a step further, but today, I still felt quite human, but at 16, then wheels suddenly came off. It amazes me how quickly that can happen and how unpredictable these things are (See David's post on marathons for further details)
I jogged on until 17 miles, then stopped my Garmin, and started to walk. After a little while I felt looser, and tried to start up again, but my knee went mental on me. It actually proper hurt, not just a niggle.

The other annoying thing was part of the railway was still snowy, some was muddy, and a section has been covered with a coarse sandy stuff that went into my shoes and was hard going to run on.

However, after a bath, I felt far better than I did this time last week.

I even did some hoovering, whereas last week I just laid on the sofa, thinking I was going to puke, so there is some improvement.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

I Know Who I Am!

Yep, at all times, I know my name, address and DOB.

A policeman friend called Jay was saying on Facebook about how he had been dealing with someone had been picked up, after collapsing while out for a run, and it had reminded him of the importance of carrying ID. It made me think of the remote places I go, and also how easy it would be to be clipped by a passing car, so I got this from a company called Team Sport Bands. Just over £3 delivered, and could easily be attached to a bag or bike, if preferable to the wrist.

I was up at 5.30 in the am this morning, as getting the bus to work means leaving really early, so makes running, even earlier.

3 miles done before a quick shower, and getting the bus involves at least 4 miles of walking a day, so not a bad warm up for tomorrow's 18 miler.
I'm actually quite scared about that. I'm going to run 9 miles in one direction and then turn back, so I will have to cover the distance to get home again. However, the speed I manage to cover it in is anyone's guess.

My wetsuit and tri bars have arrived, I can't wait to get them on the bike this weekend. I'm slightly (very) concerned about losing control of the bike with them on, so don't know how often I'll actually be using them in the beginning. I may just look at the them a lot and use them as a convenient bottle holder.

My wetsuit came with protective white cotton gloves to wear whilst putting it on, rather like a magicians.
It would take a sodding magician to get me into the thing right now.
But I will get there. I have to, I can't afford another wetsuit.

Green Smoothies

I have started doing this

They send me a green smoothie recipe every day, and a shopping list at the beginning of the week.
I am changing things slightly, but have been trying some of their suggestions, like using coconut water as a base (never again, not enough flavour to mask the evil taste of the parsely and spinach!)

The idea is I will have a green smoothie every day for a month. I have a lot, anyway, bit it's nice to get some new recipes.

I have also had my day off approved, and entered Knockburn Standard triathlon. It's two weeks before Aberfeldy, so will be good open water experience. Mucho excitement!!!

I have to work on my swimming. There is a 50 min cut off for the swim. If it were tomorrow, I could do it in about 45 mins, so I told them 40.

The other thing is I'm in a Facebook group that anyone can join, which is all about running motivation. The 'Gold' level is about running a minimum of 5k EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE which is doable for most runners. People are supposed to do half an hour exercise a day anyway, but with biking and swimming, I can't do that, so I have signed up to the silver level, and commited to a minimum of 35k a week, which should keep me right. The bronze challenge means doing just one 5k a week minimum. Everyone's welcome!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

6 am

I have decided to shift my body clock.
I do very little in the way of useful stuff in the evening, and I can never train after dinner, so I am going to start getting up very early.

For work I get up at 6.45, if it's a mid-week day off and the kid is at school, 7.15. On total days off when no one has to get up, maybe 8-9am. On long run day, after breakfast, I'm not home until after lunch, and it's hard to get motivated to get other stuff done then.

So I will get up at 6am this week, and this morning saw me out running 10 miles and home well before 9am, which meant I could thaw out in the bath for an hour and still be ready in time to start work at 11am.

The only problem is, my body is crap at that time. It will take me a while to get used to being up and out then. I was sore from yesterday's effort, and found it hard to get going. I knew I'd be slow, so only managed 11 min miles.

However, this will improve.

Next week I shall get up at 5:45.

This means, when I am in the swing of it, 7am would feel like a lay in.

In other news, my car is making a horrible noise. Really frightening 'Do NOT drive me!' noise.
I will have to get the bus to work tomorrow, and that is a right pain. It's booked in to be fixed on Tuesday, so swimming may be awkward, but after that, I will shift my focus onto swimming for a little while.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I Am A Snot Monster

Oh man, I was up early. 5:30. Which really sucked as the clocks only went back a couple of days ago, so still felt like 4:30.
I had a very bad night's sleep, as although I've been telling myself it's not the case, I do actually have a crappy cold.

Anyway, off to the pool.
Man, it's weeny! There were about 4 other people in there, so we had a lane each, but that was all. When I was leaving a group of older ladies arrived, so glad I got out when I did. I probably only did about half a mile, I forgot to count and was looking at the clock a lot as I didn't want to be late for work.

I had a good look about, familiarising myself with where stuff is. It's very quaint. People don't lock stuff away. if you did that in Peterhead, you'd never see it again. The hairdryer is much better than Peterhead's, and it's a very, very clean pool.

I have been watching videos about turns, and tried this set of drills. I just did the first two today.

I then went to work, which was only three hours, but exhausting. I was on my own, which makes dressing very heavy work. Dead people don't give you any help, at all.

Then I came home, ate some lunch (larger than was a good idea, but I was hungry) and went out for 14 miles on the bike (was supposed to be 15, but I messed the route up). Then I jumped off, and ran 5 miles.

Neither were fast, I was more concerned about if I could do it or not, so 13mph average for the bike, and 9:45 min miles on the run.

I am really rather exhausted now, and trying to install a new wireless router that HATES me.

On the upside, the interesting thing about Turriff Tri is that I saw Kevin after last year's. He'd competed, and I remember thinking, 'Yikes! So way above me. I don't have a bike and my running and swimming are stupidly slow.'
10k was about my limit, and then it took me 1:10.
Now a year later, I have acquired a road bike, ordered a wetsuit, decided to do an iron distance, lost a stone in weight and my 10k time is nearly 10 mins faster. And to be honest, this has all really happened since I got my bike last October, as I spent the summer dating Chevy and eating chips and not doing any training of any real consequence.

Monday, 1 April 2013

100 Press Ups

Yep, 100 of them. Done in 10 x 10. The last twenty were very unpleasant. I'm not sure how I'll cope with lifting saucepans when cooking dinner.

The reason for this was what with waiting for the Autoglass man, and then having to taxi the kid about, I will not be able to get out for a run today. I had no solid plans, anyway, just hopes of enough time to get a solid session in, so I have done a ton of press ups, and quad and glute strengthening exercises. I am counting this as this week's rest day.

Tomorrow will be not just a single, not just a double, but a triple sporting day.
I will be working in Turriff for a few hours, and that's where the triathlon is, so I'm going to go to the pool there before work. At least if it's not a totally unknown place, that should help with the nerves.
Then I will go to work for a few hours, then come home, and do a run and bike brick session.

I have also just ordered a wetsuit. It's going to be a bit small, so I will have to get back to my happy weight for it to not be a huge waste of money.

I don't really like yellow, but it was cheap, and now I have everything I will need for the outdoor tris. I may want different shorts, etc, but those are optional, the ones I have would do. 

And finally, I have lost 1.9 lbs. This is annoying, as I always round the decimal down, and just 0.1 of a pound more and I'd have lost 2lbs this week. I have documented it as a 1lb loss, so I am aiming for 3lbs next week.