Thursday, 31 January 2013


That's the sound of foam rollering.
I'm LOVING it.
Today was a rest day, so I had a little early morning walk in the woods for the fun of it, did the 20 min core section of Turbo Fire, and the stretching and rollering section of P90X, and some hip exercises that I hope will work. Doing less running and more stretching doesn't seem to make much of a difference, my hips like to hurt, so strengthening them seems the next logical step. 

I've also been looking at the Cleveland Double Steelman.They are saying it's a one off, but if it's popular, maybe there would be another one in 2014.
£85 is such good value for a full iron distance triathlon.
I'd do it simply because it is a bargain.

I have the dentist first thing tomorrow. If he doesn't hurt me, I'll go running then swimming.
If he hurts me, I'll go home and curl up in a little ball and cry.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bastard Hills! Bastard Wind!

It is so windy out there today, I swear, my lip was cut by a leaf, blown into my face with mammoth force.

I had intended to do my long run at the weekend, but everything getting so booked up I went today, although there are gusts of up to 55mph. I also thought I'd include some nasty hills.
The nastiest of which I ran up, against the wind, and was at times, almost stationary.
It was the hardest I have worked myself cardiovascularly, ever, in my life. I was desperate to stop, but kept going. When I reached the top of the hill, every opening on my face that is capable of leaking fluid, was. Luckily I was wearing the arm warmers Anneke gave me for Christmas, and so wiped my eyes and nose all over them, and folded them down (nice).

I averaged 10.54 for 10 miles, which is 2 seconds slower than the weekend, but bearing in mind the wind and hills, I'll take that.
At about 8 miles, with the wind behind me, I felt quite good, like I could keep going much longer, but then turned into the wind again and was very glad when the 10 was up.

I have also been foam rollering. Taff sent me a DVD of the P90X rollering and recovery, and it is brutal. The man states not to roll yourself like dough, that you should find the sore spot and leave it there.
And I did.
And I screamed, shouted, and at one point, it sounded like there was a goat in the room.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gah! I Can't Swim.

I did half a mile 40 seconds slower than last time.
I haven't been swimming for a week, and I'd been three times in the week I did it speedier, but this week, nope.
Slowy Slowerson.
It's still faster than the first time I timed myself, it would be 52 minutes for the mile, but I had hoped for at least a few seconds faster.

I did a mile in total, and didn't feel as tired as I usually do, so maybe my endurance is better. And so I felt like I have achieved something, I did an extra 50m after the mile, making it the furthest I've swum in years.

And I need to get a box for transition. My first thought was to get a pink one, but that would clash with my bike, so now I'm hoping to find a purple or a red one. And I might paint things on it. Happy faces and ladybirds, and such.

Pretty pink sky this morning. Can't wait for the lighter mornings, lots of early training ahead.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Cold, Wet, Bum.

Today's plan was to just do a little bit more. To try running off the bike again, but as the road was icy and the wind was freezing (and howling) I decided to just do 10 miles, but without looking at the speed. It wasn't that much slower, and my legs felt better for it. After not being on the bike for a while I had a little ache on my inner knees yesterday, which always happens, and that's gone today.

Then I did 5k, and was quite pleased it was only 24 seconds slower than my best 5k time, meaning I averaged 9:47 min miles, which I was reasonably happy with. If I could do maintain that for the duathlon I'd be super chuffed.

It was a slowish transition again as after trying this yesterday, I had got a very wet bum. I was just wearing my running capris as I didnt think I'd be on the bike long enough to warrant any padding, and so when I went through icy puddles my butt was soaked in freezing water, and when I got in the shower after my run I noticed I looked like a baboon. So this time I put some bike shorts on to provide just a little protection against the wet.

Tomorrow is a swim day, I will do what I had planned last week before the swimming pool people selfishly ruined my plans. I will warm up, time myself for half a mile, then do drills/intervals for the other half.

Wednesday I will do roughly the same with my running. My legs would have had a rest, so I shall push them hard and do some intervals and hill repeats.

If the weather isn't horrific I might get a cycle commute to work in this week, and I also have a long run of 10 miles to get in.

Looking at my list of races, I am very excited by it all.
I need to see some real improvements this year, and to feel more comfortable (and less like an impostor) in race situations. I'm sure getting rid of the rest of this weight will help. And also finishing in the middle of races, and not just the huge ones where there's thousands of people so it's easy to not be last, but even the smaller ones with proper sporty people. And that's not going to happen unless I do lots of events (and gets lots of medals, which is really what it's all about, anyway.)

*Update* Just seen that Chevy has entered the Ythan Challange. Unlike last time when he massively beat me at the Moray half, I will be ready for him. Oh yeah. Motivation. Bags of it.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Got My Bike Out!!

Been a while, I'd almost forgotten how to do it.
I had a practise at this duathlon business. I did the 14k bike then came home and ran 4k. However, it was a slow transition as I couldn't walk in my bike shoes on the ice, so I had to wear boots to the end of the lane, and then change my shoes. The floods were mad. My feet were drenched through, so when I got back I took the time to put them on the boiler and put dry socks on, before heading out for the run.

The times I did weren't appalling, but they weren't good, either. I will definitely be right down the bottom, but depending on who else is there, I may not be dead last. The duathlon has another 4k run before the bike, so I'll try adding that in next.

So last night I put my new pedals on, and took the MTB cleats that someone had put on my road shoes off, and put the cleats on that came with the pedals.
Unlike last time, when I injured both myself and the bike trying to get the pedals off, I had greased these well when I put them on, so they came off easily. I also remembered to dip the new ones in first. No swearing, no fuss. And I changed an inner tube. It was all kind of fun and got distracted and burned some jacket potatoes, but nevermind. My bike is more important.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


I did 9.3 miles (because it's equals 15k), and it was more ice skating than anything else.

The purpose of the run was to get some miles in, even if they were slow, and to practise the little things, which can turn into big things. I usually find after an hour my stomach can feel a little dodgy, so do not need that happening on a marathon. It seems that rice and bananas and me get on, as I had rice pasta for dinner last night, and a banana cut up on a couple of oatcakes before I went out, and was running for over an hour and half, with no discomfort. I shall be travelling to Edinburgh with a very select and exact bag of food for my dinner.

However, it was slow going. The road was very icy.
I started out scared and steady, at 10.30 min miles, and my quads ached from constantly pulling myself back when I slid. I averaged 10.44 by the time I finished. It wasn't freezing, the sun shone, and although I only had two thin tops on, I was boiling. I only took half a bottle of drink as it's less to carry, but as it was, I ran out of water and was gasping.
I think I'll need vest tops in the spring. I don't usually wear that kind of thing as my arms aren't as toned as I'd like. Although, maybe with all the swimming, they soon will be.

I hope if it continues to thaw a bit to get out on my road bike tomorrow, as well as a recovery run.
There is a duathlon looming that I DO NOT WANT TO DO!
I will not be ready in two weeks, and I can't afford it, and my car is in the garage, so I wheeled out these excuses (it's the Guinness burper that is pressuring me to do it) and he said he'd pay and drive (and I can 'pay for the next one'. Next one???)
There will be no plodders and people 'having a go'. I will know people there, and no offence to them, but I'd rather not have a familiar audience for my coming last humiliation. I originally agreed to do one in six weeks time, but it seems I shall have to man up and just get this done.

And my foam roller arrived. Hurts so much. And yet, afterwards, feels so good!

The spiky ball is for sitting/laying on to do trouble spots in glue ts and lower back Not comfy, but effective.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Ythan Challenge!

Entries for this 10k obstacle course, which is in June, opened at 12 noon today.
I was at work, and sat by the slow, annoying council computer that runs on some ancient version of Internet Explorer, with the entry page open. 12 noon struck, the 'Open soon' button did not change, so I refreshed the page, and there then followed 40 minutes of a page that timed out before it managed to load.
I then got a call and had to leave that office and go to another one.
My phone beeped as I was driving, someone I know had managed to get in.
I immediately fired up yet another slow, rubbish PC, and managed to get the page to load.
I then managed to enter my details and pay, hurrah!!! I will be muddy!!

And luckily I got a commission payment this morning which covered the entry fee, so no one needs to punch me for spending. It was meant to be.

Apparently it's going to rain all weekend, so there'll be floods, but hopefully the snow will bugger off. I went out and did 2 miles at 6 am in a dark snow shower this morning, as I didn't have much time, but tomorrow will be my long run, so I wanted to get my legs moving after my rest day.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hello, Postman!

Today is a rest day, although I will be doing stuff with my swiss ball and weights.
My legs are well aware of the running they did yesterday, this snow lark is exhausting. And more is forecast for tomorrow. I will aim to run early in the morning before work. However, if it's super icy, I may just go on my cross trainer, and try and get out on Saturday.

The postman finally got through to my house, and my new pedals arrived. They were drastically reduced, and so with some bargain road bike shoes from ebay, I'm good to go. I'm off work this weekend so will bring the bike in the house and swap the pedals, and change the inner tube. And then pray the weather is better so I can get out there and use it next week.

I have to be really careful with money next month, the inland revenue will need sating, my car bills are huge, so bike and run purchases must be curtailed.

If anyone sees me looking at kit, at all, in any way, punch me in the face.

And finally, I have too much oestrogen. This is partly due to things like the pill, soya products, too much sugar, etc. However, oats are supposed to mop up excess hormones in the blood, just like they do cholesterol. For a few years my hair has been thinning, which wasn't a massive problem has I had enough hair for several people anyway, but I'd like it to stop now, and it seems to be slowing. I think it's two bowls of porridge a day. Hurrah!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Don't They Know How Important This Is??

I had my plan all sorted in my head.
I would do 10 lengths to warm up, then a fast half a mile, then sets of intervals and drills.
I dug my car out.
I drove there very slowly.
And the lady at the desk in the leisure centre said they'd just had to shut the pool. Sorry. Come back tomorrow.
Well, I can't come back tomorrow, I'm working all day.

So I went for a run. It was exceptionally hard work. In places I got some speed up, where the snow was packed down on the road, but through the drifts, it's was like running in treacle.
At one point a snow plough went past me, and I turned my back but still got sprayed with slush and snow.
The plan was not to look at the Garmin too much, just to make sure I did the distance, but as it was, I did 5 miles at 10.45 min miles. That may be a 20 secs a mile slower than last week, but considering the terrain, and the fact I was doing 10.45 - 11 min miles in good conditions in December, it's not too bad really.
Although I was so tired. And so hot, I thought I'd puke.

Jay posted this link to a protein recipe site on Facebook today and it's the best, it has a vegan section and everything! I have to try these cakes!! I will also have to try and get hold of coconut flour....

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bright And Early!

I went swimming first thing. The weather was not pleasant -

I had to go to work in the middle of nowhere, and the roads were very horrible drifts everywhere, so I didn't swim for a very long time. I did half a mile in about 20 seconds faster than my other first halves (they are always slower, as I'm not in the groove yet). I was thinking about how, as the same with running, I need to swim faster, to get faster. So then I did 2x50m swimming as hard and as well as I could.
I'm going to get a swim in tomorrow as well, so will do a few lengths to warm up, time myself for half a mile, then, do intervals to make up the other half. Just constantly bashing out a mile is going to plateau at some point, I need to work at this in a variety of ways.

When I got home from work I went for a 2 mile run in deep snow. I did a steady half a mile, then ran very fast, until I felt like my lungs were going to burst, then jogged, and a few times, walked. For the first time in ages I felt like I was really out of breath. I usually keep my breathing under control and never really feel pushed, so I'm sure it did me good to push myself to the point of gasping. I will run again tomorrow morning before the swim. I'm hoping the roads will be a bit clearer so I can go on them. I was absolutely done after two miles of varying speeds. That shit's hard.

Monday, 21 January 2013

This Weather Needs To Piss Off

I will be so pleased to see tarmac.
And mud.
I keep saying that, but it's true.
I have so much running to do.

I've also been thinking about how fast I run. I need it to be faster. Not just because I want a good marathon time, but because I really don't want to be out there for that long.

I was speaking to a bloke earlier and he mentioned he was training for the London marathon, and that he was really sticking to the plan this time as he did Loch Ness in 5:48, and it was horrific. He was woefully under-trained, and said he had awful blisters and the DOMS from hell for a week. Those things didn't worry me half as much as the idea of being on my feet and moving for nearly 6 hours.
It's fine if that's 6 hours of beautiful hiking with a picnic on my back and good company, but trudging along in agony for nearly 6 hours sounds like an utter nightmare. No looking about and enjoying the view, just that awful nagging feeling that you're slow. And Hopeless. And the end is miles away.

Most of all I want to enjoy Edinburgh. I haven't been there for years, and even then I saw virtually none of it. I want it to be a really good day, I want to be smiling and waving back at people. I want any race pictures of me to not be a fat, red faced woman who looks inches from death.
I don't think I've got time to train to be proper fast, but anything less than 4 and a half hours I could cope with (for a first marathon.)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bloody Awful Run!

It was awful in that it was freezing.

I got home from work at lunchtime and the house was so cold I didn't take my coat off, and so made my recovery smoothie while still wearing it. No part of me wanted to put my running gear on and go and do 8 miles. But the fear of messing up this marathon is quite large, and constantly looms over my like a Blue Meanie (the only thing in film or TV I have ever found genuinely scary), so I went.

It took 3 miles for my hands and feet to warm up. The wind was bitter and chapped my face, and although I stuck to the roads, there was quite a bit of ice and slush underfoot.

However, the good news is I sustained the same pace for 8 miles as I did my 6.2 the other day, nice 10.25 min miles. I did the first one at 9.45, and after that it was about 10.20-40, then the last one was 10.18. I used a route with lots of hills, and it was dismal and I hated every moment of it, but I'm glad I went.

I will be out all day tomorrow, and have been trying to think what I can do in place of cycling, and the nearest I've got is my cross trainer. So, when I get home tomorrow night (from a day with my mother at the hospital while she has a minor out-patient op, a day that has been a black hole on my calendar for ages) I shall do an hour on my cross trainer on it's hardest setting.

And I've been eating banana on top of oatcakes, it's amazing! I was inspired by my friend Jelly who eats them that way, and she's right to!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Strawberry Time!

I ordered this as I think I rush stretching. I use it to time each stretch, as well as my core work. Of which I am doing lots, and I'm quite abDOMSinal at the moment.

And it looks very nice, so that helped with the purchasing.

Today is a rest day, and I don't feel I really need it, probably as I've mainly been swimming week. However, tomorrow I will run 8 miles, and the rest day beforehand may make all the difference then.

I really NEED to get out on the my bike. At this rate I'll forget how to do it.

Friday, 18 January 2013

I'm A Swimmy Swimmerson

Dammit, ok, so it's the other way round. Running before swimming actually helps. I warm up quicker. Not that I wasn't faster today, but to start off with it wasn't easy. Today I did 1 mile in 51.39. If I can knock a minute and half off each week, that would be great. Within 2 months I'd be down to just below 40 mins. Of course, that's a tad optimistic! And my form is probably quite dire, so when I am a bit faster and get that criticised and be told off and corrected, things should be fine.

I've been looking at the Aberfeldy swim. I can't find the actual swim cut off time, but most of the half iron/middle distance triathlons seem to be between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 mins. The swim is 1900m (1.2 miles ish), which is 76 lengths. If I really wellied that now I could do it in an hour, which is all well and good if the cut off is 1 hour 15 minutes. But not if it's an hour. I need breathing room. I want to be doing 1.2 miles in 45 minutes max.

All the extra swimming this week was due to the weather. I have cycled zero miles. I will need to get a turbo for next year and the full Ironman. I can't get up to that level with weather issues.
I am on a rest day tomorrow, then on Sunday after work I'll do 8 miles, bringing my to just over 20 miles for the week.

And the other thing I did today was avoid Turtle contact. He was supposed to be coming over to do my spark plugs and such, and I was supposed to let him know for sure if it was ok and what time and such, and I kind of, didn't. Cos it's just easier.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Leaden Legs

My legs were not happy when I got up. In fact, none of me felt too clever initially, I think I'm a bit dehydrated. It's so cold at the moment, I'm not really thirsty.

I had work this afternoon, so I wanted to get a decent run done in the morning.
It was like someone had pumped my arteries with concrete. My plan had been to bike, but what with the evil snow and ice and all, running was the best I could do.

I decided to just see where I could feasibly run as there was ice everywhere. I tried some on the road and also on a trail, although my feet kept slipping out from underneath me, like a cartoon character on an oil patch.

So 10k at an average of 10.25 miles, giving me a total time of 1:04:39, which is the fastest in a while. I need to lose those four minutes, and sharpish.

I have also entered Baker Hughes, which is just a horrible race, but I'm hoping this time to get in under the hour, and never, ever do it again. It's all beach and little roads, and boring.
And although I like plodders, it attracts a lot of people who just stop without looking behind them first. Jog Scotlanders with their pink clothing and mascara running down their cheeks. And last year, a woman with a belly dancing belt thing that had loads of bells on it, which was very, very annoying.

I cannot wait to see grass, mud, and tarmac again.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Proper Progress

I had a day off today as I'm working at the weekend, so decided it would be a very sporting one.

I walked the kid to school, it was -5 and the snow hard and crunchy.

I then came home, cleaned the house a bit and did some yoga.
Then a 5k run, which I measure the time of each month to monitor progress. However, I decided to do it on the road, which was a bit slippery, so I didn't hammer it too much, but hurrah! Average of 9.40 min miles, so exactly 30 mins (less 1 min 18 seconds on my time in December). If I'd have been keeping a closer eye I might have got in under the 30, but then I might have slipped, so probably for the best.

Then I had a smoothie with protein powder, and a banana flapjack, and went swimming, with a watch on.
It was harder than before, probably due to the running, but I managed the mile in 52.07.
I didn't feel like I was going very fast, I was quite tired for most of it and there was a group with learning disabilities so there was a fair bit of dodging, so I'm hopeful of an improvement in time next week.

When I came out my body was firmly and not particularly politely telling me it was lunch time. Now.

If the roads weren't so dodgy I'd have gone out on my bike this afternoon to make it a tri-tastic day, but nevermind, soon be spring.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Grippy Things = Damn Hard Work

So I put the grippy things on my trainers and decided to do 3 miles before work, just running up and down the least-deeply snowed upon section of trail I could find. I was putting in a huge amount of effort and only getting 10.45 to 11.05 min miles. So after two miles, I whipped off the grippy things and threw them into the entrance of the track to my house and ran along the actual road. This is not usually a good idea, as people drive quite fast, there's lots of trucks and tractors, and it's a narrow road, but it was completely white with compacted snow, and so the little traffic there was, was at least moving slowly.

It was a little slippy so I took it carefully, and looked down to see I was doing 9.55 min miles.
This running on concrete, even if there is snow on it, is pretty fabulous.
When the snow goes I shall see what my 5k time would be on the hard stuff.

I'm going to go swimming again tomorrow. I didn't plan to, but it was so much fun last time I want to time it properly and see what I can do when I have an eye on the clock, and I'll run a few miles, too. I had planned to cycle, but it's too treacherous out there right now.
Two things in one day! Multi-sport ftw!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Mucho Dancing And Swimming

My marathon place is now confirmed (mucho dancing)

I woke up early and wanted to go for a run, even though it's a swimming day. I had to restrain myself. My legs are a bit sore from yesterday's biking, and I ran the day before, so tomorrow and the next day are running days.
Calm yourself, Lucy.
It's a marathon, not a sprint. Literally. Although, it was a nice morning.

Which then became a crappy day as after bit and pieces or rain and snow, it started to lay.

I have miles to do tomorrow, there is no way I will miss out. At least I have my grippy things for my shoes.

I'm chuffed that I've managed to stick to the 15 minutes of yoga everyday, and will do a strength routine twice a week. And swimming today was very successful. I intended to do a slow mile, as I wanted it to be continuous above all else. I looked at the clock on the wall before I started, and didn't think about my speed at all. After 32 lengths I glanced up again and it was 28 minutes. I was quite chuffed with this, and so started to speed up a bit, as I wasn't feeling very tired. The next 32 was done in 25 minutes.
I hate for an article in the Daily Mail to be the thing that steered me in the right direction (Grrrr) but having my fingers slightly open made the catch quicker and easier, so I swam faster and didn't feel very tired by it at all.

I was only going by the clock on the wall, which wasn't really exact, so next time I will wear a watch and see where I really am and start getting the time down. By the end of the year I don't just want a 40 min mile, I want to be able to do 2 miles in 1 hour 20 minutes, so I'd better get a move on.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Poor Frozen Feeties

Firstly, it is very cold today. And I had a rather crappy bike ride, although it was nice to be on my road bike for the first time in a good few weeks.
It took me 1 hour 41 mins to do just over 21 miles. I picked a hilly route, and there was a cold wind that really scuppered a couple of my downhills. I pumped up my tyres before I left and could hear a hissing noise coming from the valve of the front one when I did it up again. My pump is rubbish and has to be jammed on there very hard to work, so I'm wondering if I've damaged the valve.
Anyhoo, I thought I'd just keep an eye on it and turn back if it started to go down, but it seemed ok. However, when I got home, I discovered it had gone from 100 to 30, which I'm sure didn't help with how hard going it was. I will have to get a new tube and new pump, I think. It was snowing lightly, and unlike when rain falls on my bike glasses, leaving me peering though the drops, snowflakes just sit there, and blind me. I was regularly wiping them for a while, but in the end I just took the glasses off and let them hit my eyes.

I will also have to get some decent socks. My feet were frozen and numb. I laid on my living room floor when I got home so I could put my feet on the radiator.
My daughter stood over me.
'I know you're probably tired, but what's that film called?'
'What film?'
'The one with Bruce Willis in.'
*groan* 'Bruce Willis is in most films'
'It's really weird. Something about a photograph.'
'And Brad Pitt'
'Twelve Monkeys. Now. Leave. Me. Alone.'

I think I deserve an award for that as I can't have seen that film in the last decade, and my brain isn't usually at it's sharpest when I get home from a run or ride.

I'm trying not to get too excited about Edinburgh until the place has actually been transferred to me. When I get that confirmation that it's mine then I'll do lots of dancing about.

Although the toll of marathon training has started me thinking about my bones. There's a piece on eating disorders in this month's triathlon magazine, and a cautionary tale of a girl who tried to lose too much weight and ended up with stress fractures that permanently ended her career. They are a common enough thing, but something I'd like to avoid, especially as my diet is restrictive. I was also reading about Gwyneth Paltrow and her osteopenia, so have decided to get a supplement. I already take magnesium and eat apples for the boron, but will get a calcium and vitamin D tablet too. I'll probably only take it every other day, but I think it would be a good idea to keep myself topped up.Plus, low vitamin D levels have been linked with prostate cancer. I'm not at hugh risk of that, but still, if I had a prostate I'd want it to be healthy.

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Oh lordy!

It appears as if I'll be doing the Edinburgh marathon in 19 weeks time.

A friend of Kevin's was giving his place away just for the transfer fee. That's too good an opportunity to miss out on. This changes things somewhat with regards to what I'm doing and when, but I'm excited. Within minutes I had an offer of a place to stay, so it seems I'm meant to do this. Plus, I'm going to see lots of people I know and it will be fun! (or agony, but I'm preferring to view it all as fun right now)

Today I did my 7 miles, incorporating more hills, and it wasn't as fast as I'd have liked, 10.45 min miles. However, I'm really starting to get into this Garmin Connect business. I love to look at all the numbers, and it really surprises me the best paces that I sometimes reach, it seems impossible. Today it said at one point I was doing 7.40 mins miles, I really don't remember that, it must have just been for a about two metres.
It was windy, raining, and at one point sleet was driving right into my face. There was a fair bit of flooding and I toughed it out and just ran through the ankle deep water. My feet were utterly drenched and I hurt my knee when I put my foot straight down on a big rock that was hiding in the water. However, it was nice to test out my new running socks, and I didn't get any huge blisters from running with sodden feet.

I also like looking at the little picture of my run that the Garmin draws. I need a big field so I can run about and draw something on purpose. Although as there can't be breaks in the line it will need to be rather like drawing with an Etch-a-Sketch.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Running Up And Down Hills Like A Boss!

Yeah, the title pretty much says it all.

I have a half-mile hill near me that gets steeper as it goes up, so ran up and down that three times. On the way down the first time I reached just over 8 min miles. Ok, so I was running downhill, but it was still nice to feel how it would be to properly running! My new trainers were very comfy, although I was scared to get them muddy and there were some big splats on the road from a passing tractor, which I found myself dodging like a total girl.

I will do between three and four runs a week, and one will be hill reps/interval session of some sort. Another will be a long run that increases each week and the others somewhere inbetween. I also need to start getting my cycling distances up, and so will, regardless of work commutes, get one long bike in a week which I will steadily increase.

Tomorrow I will be going for a 7 mile steady run, still aiming for the 10.30 min miles.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lazy Post Alert

I am just home from work now, it's nearly 10pm, and I have no sporting to report as it's a rest day.
So, I just took lots of pics today. Mainly bad ones.
I have three different council desks in three different buildings. I work on the corner of the country, so go to villages both on the north coast and eat coast, which I find fascinating. I also find the pictures on the walls of sheltered housing schemes, erm, interesting. Then I went off to an industrial estate in the the middle of nowhere and embalmed a body so big it had to be moved by fork lift.
And that was my day. And that is not my book in one of the pictures. It's one I had to dig out for the library service, and prise out the hands of a tenant who'd had it forever.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Nooo Shooooz Arrived

Black and poiple and silver and lovely! :)
Bless Wiggle, their sale, and their next day delivery.

They came while I was out on my bike. It was a very bright and icy morning. In some parts the track was completely hacked up by tractor tyres, and the ruts had then frozen, making them lethal, and I nearly came off on the first one, so walked over the next few. I did 15 miles off-road in 1 hour 22 mins, averaging 11mph. Pretty slow, but there was a fair amount of getting on and off, and going through gates. But at least it was quicker than a couple of days ago.

Tomorrow is looking to be a rather insane day where I have to do both my jobs, so will be working about 14 hours with a couple of hours travelling. Luckily it's also a rest day, otherwise I'd have to get up at the crack of dawn to fit something in. I'm hoping to finish early on Friday, so will take my new trainers out on the road for some hill reps.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Muddy Running

I did my 5 miles at a pace of 10.39 min miles. Slightly slower than the four I did two days ago, but also quicker than the four I did three days ago. It was pouring with rain, and very muddy, it's been raining for 24 hours so everywhere was boggy. I still felt quite snotty. I'll be glad when I can breathe normally again.
Tomorrow I will bike 15 miles before  I start work at lunchtime.

I'm thinking I need to start doing more than one thing a day. I've done a plan for the next month, but I'm only going to post my activity and maybe a summary at the end of each week, as things often get in the way I have to juggle stuff.
I'm also waiting for my first pair of road shoes to arrive. I am muchly excited about this. There is a hill nearby that has a small road up it, and so as soon as my shoes arrive I shall try some hill sessions, like what proper runners do.

And sadly, it seems Aberfeldy middle distance triathlon doesn't do finishers medals.
It was going to be my biggest event this year, my first half iron, but there will be very little proof I was there. The cheap gits.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Filofax Cosy And Good Swimming

As you know, I have a new filofax, but as it's a light coloured patterned canvas, I've been worrying about it getting dirty, so I knitted it a little cosy. As I was tucking it into it's new little home, it crossed my mind that this wasn't necessarily a normal way to feel about one's diary. However, it will stop it getting manky in my bag, and although I could have just put it in a Tesco bag, that's not exactly attractive.

Today was a day off, and from the crack of dawn has been full of errands to run, and I began to fear I wouldn't get my swim in. In the end I decided some was better than none, and so did half a mile in 28 minutes. That's actually quite good for me, especially as I haven't been swimming for a fortnight.

However, the best thing is how I felt. I wasn't swimming as fast as I can. I took it steady, and continuous, and although I often get a little headache (which I think is due to dehydration and possibly lack of oxygen), and I did this time, too,  I felt great. When I came out I was nowhere near tired. My goal for this year is to swim a mile in 40 mins, and as I can swim a mile in the same pace as half a mile, that would mean I have a 56 min mile, and so need to remove 16 minutes over the next 12 months, which seems very do-able.
This also makes me less worried about any open water swimming, as I always swim faster and better in a wetsuit. I generally cut ten minutes off a mile when I'm outside.

I think it's down to the fuel. I've noticed something that has happened during other spells of eating healthily, which is that I could go without deodorant. I'm just not smelly when I eat clean. Not that I take the risk, of course, but still, it's interesting. My body is running better.
And although I have had a few things that aren't so de-toxy, such as one brown bread roll and I am having protein powder everyday, I'm still not eating nearly as much sugar and wheat as I was. And I am eating a ton of oats and green stuff. I still had one hell of a nose-blowing session as I have the remnants of a cold, but all in all, it's going well, and I feel optimistic as to what I can do. When I weighed less but still ate crap, I reached a ceiling I couldn't get past. I honestly think this time, with wiser eating and more structured training, it will be different.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Smelly Gloves

After a morning at work where I went above and beyond and was actually busy, I had some odd back twinges. Running often makes my back sore and in recent months I have neglected core work.

Much ooh-ing and loud aahhh-ing occurred when I got home, and got out the car. My plan had been to cycle 20 miles off road, but it was raining, and I had the school ironing to do, the house to clean, and the beds to change. However, after all that, and managing to peel some veg, I thought 'Sod it' and went out for 12.4 miles ( a nice round 20k). I got completely covered in mud and it was dark when I got home, but I averaged 10.5 miles per hour, and felt better for going. I needed to get back on my bike as my car played up on the way to work this morning. The temperature is dancing about. Curses. I have to be bike fit, I may well need it soon.

Although, my bike gloves stank. It was as if someone sneaked in to the shed/container thing and secretly vomited in them over Christmas. I gave them a wash, but they still smell weird. I have a nasty suspicion a mouse may have peed in them, too.
They are cheap ones. I want some Sealskinz. I need some more work (ie. people to die) and I'll get myself some for my birthday.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

More Oats!!

I was a bit quicker with my running today, averaging 10.37 min miles. Towards the end I went onto the road to have a go on concrete, and my lap speed for that was 10.22. Running on tarmac rocks!

I'm not going to cycle to work tomorrow. I don't think I'm ready, and I'd be starving and would buy a multipack of Fry's Chocolate Creams. And inhale them before 9am.
 I'll be home at 1.30pm, so I'll go out and do 20 miles off-road then. I gave my bike a wash today, I'd put it away muddy and the chain was seized solid. Has to scrub it and lube it and manipulate each link by hand to get it moving. So before a work commute I'll make sure my bike is in good working order, that I'm bike fit, and that I have a backpack of bananas and flapjacks ready. I reckon that will be a fortnight away, and hopefully there will be a little more daylight then, too.

Speaking of flapjacks, I made some banana ones with goji berries, blueberries, cranberries and green raisins. Very nice indeed, and a good way of using up Graze boxes that no one can be bothered to eat.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Entering Stuff

I did my four miles, although not at 10.30 min miles, it was windy and I wanted to blow my nose from start to finish, so it was 10.42. I will do the same again tomorrow afternoon, and bike to work on Sunday (unless it's storm force conditions), making it a 10 mile run week (it's actually 14, but I don't count the run before the January) and 30 mile bike week. However, next week is when I start proper training. I'm still not sure how to structure it.

I weighed myself this morning, and after nearly a week of being very good, I am back down to what I was at the beginning of December, which was the last time I weighed myself. I'm not sure if that's really good, or not. I know I over ate, especially fruitcake and marzipan, but to what extent I really don't want to know.

If I lose 2lbs this week, I will have lost a stone since last Autumn, which is slow but better than nothing. I know I'll be able to do it, not having wheat is really limiting my options for pigging out, as is refined sugar, although a little of that does creep in. I got some organic cocoa and I have it with rice milk and a a squeeze of agave nectar, which although it isn't as processed, I've been reading about how it's very high in fructose and so not good, as it's processed differently by the body. When fructose comes with fruit, the fibre involved slows things down, but in a pure syrup it's worse for the body than glucose. Bummer.

I have entered a half marathon in March (Run Garioch). They do nice medals. AND you get a T-shirt AND a banana (free food!). I know cos I did the 10k last year. It was on mother's day. The toy guinea pig was my present, and we went for a picnic with Lucy and Charlotte afterwards and I tried a green olive for the first (and last) time, and spat it out. Then discovered later I have been sitting on it, and had an oily olive stain on my bum.

I don't have a wetsuit yet and not sue about travel and accommodation, but as soon as I get the leave approved from work, I'll enter the half iron distance at Aberfeldy. I'm sure once I've entered it will all come together.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


All I eat all day, are oats.
Porridge for breakfast, oatcakes with hummus for lunch. Flapjacks. Any time I'm hungry, I reach for oats. I should have zero cholesterol at this rate. I can cope without wheat if I have oats.

I worked at both my jobs today, so was out from 6.30am, dealing with the dead people then off to work with old ones. I got up quite easily, though, which was good.

But this evening has been scuppered by my parents (they are talented at distracting me) and I ended up being held hostage on the phone, whilst boiling my dinner dry and setting the smoke alarm off. I ruined three saucepans, and will making my morning porridge in the wok.
They were nice pans, too. Bugger.

I did my yoga today, and will get out and run 4 miles tomorrow morning at a pace of 10.30 min miles. The amount of rage I'm filled with right now, I should find it easy. I might even go faster.
On a nicer note, I have a new red and blue sports bra .
New things always motivate me.
My gamin is charged. Bring on the running.


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cup Of Tea, Anyone?

These are a few of the teas I am drinking at the moment, Lucy brought me three more boxes yesterday, too. It's been a few days now without black tea, so I have been downing the herbal stuff like there's no tomorrow, as a substitute. I have lemon and hot water when I get up in the morning, but it's after something like a trip to the supermarket that I want normal black tea. But the urge is diminishing. I will have it again, just not during this de-tox.

I was spurred on today by someone at work. I do like embalming Asian people, nine times out of ten, they have good quality vessels. I think it's the lack of sugar and general junk in their diets, and they also don't smell bed, and they decay slowly. He was a little Chinese old man, and he was a walk in the park compared to all the tubby people I have to embalm. Eat clean and leave a clean corpse, amen.

I also made some little biscuits. They are in cup cake cases as I wasn't sure if they would spread. They are made from rice flour, dairy-free margarine, organic cocoa, agave nectar and flaked almonds.

They need some tweaking, but the cocoa/almond combination is a good one.

I didn't get out and run, but did do my 15 mins of yoga, and went on my cross trainer for half an hour. I will be out from early till late tomorrow, but even if I have to go out with my head torch on, I need to run.
My plan for this week is to get back into the swing of things. I'll cycle to work one day, and get at least 4 runs in, even if they are short. Next week will be more about structured training.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I can taste EVERYTHING!

I made a curry for dinner and it tasted really, really salty (although I didn't put any in, just a little stock). I think my taste buds are changing, becoming more sensitive.

I went for a 2 mile run first thing, to blow the cobwebs away. I aimed for between 10.30 and 10.45 min miles, and it came out at 10.37, so not bad, really. I'm building up again, and want to do really, really well at this half marathon in March. I wasn't prepared for the last one. I ended up limping the last couple of miles and it took a horrific 2 hours 43 minutes. I would like to be a good 30 minutes quicker, and to not come out of it injured. I need to practice running on concrete, and I think I'll buy some decent trainers.

Still not eating junk, but not really craving it, either.
I'm going to try some baking with rice flour, using agave to sweeten as well as dried fruit.
I will be very careful for the whole of January when it comes to processed food, and I will make sure I have juices and green stuff everyday. I'm hoping it will be enough to break some habits.

We went for a walk along the beach with the other Lucy and Charlotte today. Lucy shares my enthusiasm for all things kooky and healthy, as opposed to most people I know who sneer at drinking green juices and such.

And I'm swearing off men for the six weeks up until my birthday. I want to be make some big improvements regarding my fitness and weight, and dating is a distraction. By my birthday I should have re-established good habits, and they won't be so easily broken.