Monday, 31 December 2012

De-tox-ey Symptoms

My plans for today were changed, which I must admit I was happy about, as woke up seriously craving salt and sugar and everything that is bad.
I did consider just staying at home, where there isn't any junk to eat, and concentrating on getting over my cold, but as the shops are shut tomorrow and I have some errands to run, I quickly went to Peterhead, where I was the only person in Asda without a trolley full of booze, then came home, had a bath and lay on my sofa watching Cadfael all day, drifting in and out of sleep. I didn't have any tea at all today, and really missed the caffeine.

I did a veg casserole thing in my slow cooker.
I am not following all the recipes in de-tox book, but there is a list of things you must not eat, (sugar, wheat, meat, dairy, caffeine, etc) and also a list of things you must have everyday (fresh juice, cruciferous veg, nuts and seeds, lots of water, and so on) and I have stuck to that. Unlike other de-toxes that insist on raw, this one does say you can cook soups and things, which is a lot easier to follow.
I made some sage dumplings with rice flour, they were, erm, gluey. But edible.

My new diary came from Paperchase, oh the joy!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Actual Running!

I ran this morning. 6.1 km which I didn't time, just wanted to do two laps of the circuit through the woods out the front. It was very freezing, and I was a snot-filled monster, but didn't feel that bad at all. It was a fine and freezing morning.

The first lap I felt great, but the knee did twinge a bit during the second, but nothing major at all. I'm looking forward to getting out there again with my Garmin. I'm going to do a half marathon in 12 weeks, and really want it to be a good one.

I then went shopping, I must have looked super-healthy to the woman behind the till.
All these things are good and tasty. Especially Robert Downey Jr. (The Sherlock Holmes DVD).
And except the candles. Good for reading by as I lay in the bath, but not good to eat.

I have a list of new year's resolutions as long as my arm. Some are basic healthy eating ones. Some are more new plans, such as time goals for my running and such, and also a few others, such as clearing my entire house of clutter, decorating the place, sticking to a budget and my favourite of all, converting one cupboard into a craft/stationery hive. It's a pull down section in this lounge unit that I've always hated but it's the landlord's so I have to keep it. It's gonna be full of well ordered pens, knitting needles, buttons, notebooks and paper.
I am genuinely excited about that.
That's how exciting my life it.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fit Moomin Mama

Booooks arrived!! The training and detox ones.

I just wanted to sit and read them, but was forced to take my daughter to Aberdeen to spend her Christmas money. I also wanted to get lots of detox supplies, however, the health food shops had been cleaned out of the staples like milk thistle, and other things I wanted to like echinacea. There literally were gaps all over the shelves.
Lush (one of my favourite shops) was jam packed and all in all it was hard, stressful work.
I kept noticing how many fat people there were everywhere. Especially teenage girls (in skinny jeans) which was disturbing on many levels.

One thing I am very chuffed about is a Moomin hardback A4 notebook I got in Waterstones for £5.99. It's big and chunky and will be a good place to document my '2013 - Year of awesomeness' plans.

We had broccoli and kale soup for dinner, with a base of organic vegetable stock and onions, and I put a potato in it to give it a little more substance.
And I drank more more green juice.
And more herbal tea.
And more watermelon.
And did more peeing.

Friday, 28 December 2012

I Could Pee For Britain

And at the International Peeing Championships, I would win.
I get up, I pee. I drink lemon and hot water, I pee. Then my one cup of black tea, I pee. Fresh juice - drive to work - run into the toilet - pee.
Herbal tea, pee.
All day, I pee.

So yesterday I thought a ginger bath would help my cold. I grated a giant lump of root, and chucked it in.
To anyone who has ever mistakenly thought sharing a bath with a tiny baby would be 'nice' and 'fun', beware, this may cause flash backs.

I lowered myself in carefully, instantly aware of the tingling, then I paused  as it occurred to me it could burn my fanny. Then I thought there was only one way to find out, and sat down.
It was ok, I survived. I lay there for a bit wondering how it would be, and after about 15 min some serious tingling started. It was nice to lay there and inhale the ginger, and after half an hour I got out. And continued to tingle for quite some time.

My yoga mat arrived, and now is in place as a new hearth rug (it's a good job I don't use the fire anymore, a stray coal would melt it in seconds). I don't care if it's not that pleasing to the eye, I need to use it everyday, so no point putting it away.

My books will arrive tomorrow morning, and I am off to the health food shop to get all kinds of amazing and exciting supplies. For the second night running I had a lot more energy. I took down the decorations, managed to dust and hoover properly, and did half an hour of turbo fire. Usually when I get home from work I do dinner and that's about all. I think it's the lack of sugar that's helping. And all this eating green stuff.

Thursday, 27 December 2012


Not a bad day. A little slip during work involving some bourbons, but apart from that, I did quite well.

I got up at 6 am and went for an icy, slidy 2 mile walk, then had more of the water-based banana porridge (that doesn't taste watery at all), and then juiced this lot - 

Turning it into this -

I already feel better, although that could be because of the stark contrast between Christmas and now. It would be difficult not to feel better. However, I did have the energy to clean the kitchen, including scrubbing the floor, after I got home from work, which is not usual at all.

My books and yoga mat have been dispatched, yaayyy!!
I have decided to do at least 15 mins of yoga, every day, forever.
I will log what I do and when to start off with, but the plan is to just integrate it into my life so that it is just like cleaning my teeth.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Crap Reduction

I ate less junk today. I made a kind of porridge for breakfast, which was oats, water, a mashed banana and cinnamon, and some fresh apple and carrot juice. I missed lunch as I was working, and didn't get a chance to stop, then had vegetable stew and finished up the Christmas cake and marzipan fruits. The house is now a sweetie-free zone. All ready for the first proper strict day.

I didn't get any exercise in, except for some serious weight lifting at work. The lady I was working on was huge. At the end when two of us where shifting her I honestly thought I was either going to drop her of give myself a serious injury. My neck kind of pinged at one point. It took all day. And I have a cold. I'm swallowing razorblades at the moment.
Booooo!! Mooooaann!!
On the upside, looking that closely at a body fed an abusive diet did steel my resolve. It wasn't just the size, but the awful, poisoned, fermenting, fungal nature of everything.

I shall have an early night tonight, will drink some fennel and nettle tea before bed, as well as some more lemon and hot water. I have a ton of water lined up for the next few days. I read somewhere that not only does any reduction in toxins count as de-toxing, but drinking extra water does too.

The exercise for the first day will be on the gentle side. I'll go for a speedy walk before work and do some yoga.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

New Stuff!! (again)

I got my Amazon Associates payment, £26 for the year, hurrah!
So, I have ordered two books that I think will help.

The marathon training book I spoke about before, one that uses swimming and cycling as part of the training.

I have also got a 9 Day Liver Detox by Patrick Holford  I intend to spend January detoxing. It can be done as 9 days in a row, or three lots of three days. I'm thinking I'll do it three days a week for all of January, as well as seriously limiting junk the rest of the time.

The following rules will apply not just for January, but for general.

I am going to severely limit/try and exclude altogether -

One cup of normal tea a day. ONE. ONLY ONE. DAMMIT!!

White bread

White pasta

Artificial sweeteners


Sugar is off limits totally for January. I doubt very much if I could give it up forever, but I will need to so something.

The other thing to focus is on things I will add as well as things I will take away.
I have had rumbling little infections in the side of my head for years now. The nodes are always lumpy, and my sinuses and teeth and always a bit crap on my left side. To try and counteract this I shall be taking garlic and echinacea every day, as well as tons of raw fruit and veg. I will juice stuff every day. I will drink things I didn't know it was possible to drink.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Shiney New Things

Look at my new yoga mat!!

I was reading this interview with Depak Chopra's yoga teacher, and she said to leave your mat out all the time to encourage constant practise. But my mat is bright purple and would annoy me, so with some Christmas money I have ordered this!!

The flooding is mental where I live. In places it came over my wellies. I went for a walk (wade) before work, it was very hard going.

I can't see being able to run on Christmas day, let alone tomorrow, but I should be able to take my bike out,  the roads will probably be quiet.

I'm hoping my filofax will arrive shortly, and the mat, and I have bought a triathlon magazine as well as a natural health one for motivational purposes while I'm drinking carrot juice.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's Dark. And Cold.

I have been writing my detox shopping list. Lots of lemons and green veg to be made into soup.
This morning before work I will be the only person in Tescos buying quinoa and watercress.

The main thing I wish now is that the weather would bugger off. I'm doing overtime, and finding it hard to slot in exercise, and can't cycle to work in this wind. My plan for today is to power walk in the dark before work. It is pretty flooded here, so anything I do will include wellies. And I'm about to leave now. Honest.

The wind was so strong yesterday it ripped the roof off my rabbit hutch and so now she is a refugee living in the cupboard under the stairs (it has a window, she's not Harry Potter), but I have to get my body moving. I truly intend to run all over Christmas. And swim and yoga for the detox days.

Saturday, 22 December 2012


So I trotted off to the pool. The wind was howling and it was pouring with rain. It was quite nice to slip into the warmer than usual water. There were only 4 lanes open as there was a school in, so 7 of us jostled for space. After about 10 mins I felt a little light headed, and my goggles kept steaming up. By 20 mins I was breathless and feeling weird. At 30 mins I was sitting in my cubicle, feeling just like I'd just got out the back of a car which had been careering along dark country lanes driven a smoker, and all the windows shut.

After a while I was able to get changed and went shopping. I totally blame the extra warm water.

I then thought I would rehearse one of the de-tox soups. If it was horrible it would really upset me at the end of a day filled with just juices and smoothies, and I'd reach for something bad, possibly.

So this is spinach and watercress. The stock, potato and onion in it made it taste quite normal really, in spite of the colour.
That's steam coming off it, not some kind of dangerous vapour.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Yet More Detox Talk

According to an email I've just got, it's 10 weeks to the Garioch half.
I haven't entered it yet, but I think I will.
I have to be careful what I enter as funds are limited, but that would be a good one to get the year going. I wouldn't expect an amazing time, but anything that's an improvement on my one and only other half time would be good.
2.20 would be fine. There is another local half in November, that will be the one I ace.

There is also a 10k in February too that I want to do (it's only £5 and you get a medal, which is very important).
Some duathlons could also be a go, too, but I'm not sure about the logistics of them. There's a bloke I know who wants to do them, and he said he'd drive us to the ones he's not offshore for and has a bike rack, so I might do them. However, I have no idea where half of them are, and I hate finding places on race day, so won't be doing the ones he can't make, on my own.

The rash is really quite something now. I'm pretty much on fire all the time.

However, I am going to go swimming today. I was at work for a long time yesterday, and the weather was crap so I wanted to just get my PJs on and watch Doctor Who last night, as the wind and rain howled.
And so I did.
Today I will run and swim, so all will be well.

I will also be doing a FULL ON detox for four full days, from the 27th to the 30th.
This has been the only time of the year that I've managed to do this successfully in the past, as no part of me wants to eat Pringles or marzipan logs after a few days of full on Pringles and marzipan logs.  I will plan a detox menu, and make some soup, so it won't be totally raw, but will be very liquid.
Smoothies, juices and soup. Give the ol' digestion a break.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Shiney New Plans

Nice little bike ride today. The wind was a bit harsh, but my knee only had the slightest twinge, just at the end. It was only 20k, but the ground was very soggy and it was like cycling in treacle at times.

I have to go out and embalm early tomorrow, but I think I'll do a gentle 5k run when I get home, and then get my road bike out on Friday.

I feel the need for a proper program after Christmas.
I've learned that I need to shake things up and have 'theme' weeks to stop boredom, but at the same time, just planning from one week to the next is not working either, I need to look more long term. Formulate something concrete. I'll log my activity on my spreadsheet, I just want something pretty to set my goals in.

I really love this giraffe one from Paperchase.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Men Are A Distracting Nonsense

The Speedy Pixie swings between scaring me with his full on intensity and non-stop talking about how great I am, which is then shortly followed by confusing nothingness.
Hot and cold is not the word. Surface of the sun and Arctic Winter would be a better description.
I can't be doing with this. I don't have time.

Not that anything catastrophic has happened, but for self preservation purposes I'm keeping a certain amount of distance and non-commital vibes.
But yes, I'll be running along either wondering if he's alive, or alternatively feeling the need to back away.
And that is distracting.

I was going to swim today but the rash is intense. Not only do I think the chlorine would make it worse, but I fear people would be a little spooked. Actually, once in the water I doubt if anyone would see it, but still....I'd be very self conscious, so I shall go out on my bike again, and get some running done at the end of the week. I think my knee will have stopped twanging by then.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I was going to go swimming but I felt like crap yesterday morning. My knee was twinging but worse of all, I have developed a weird red rash.

I ITCH!!!! 

I can't think of anything new I've eaten. I'm wondering if it's washing powder related. I am prone to skin issues. But bloody hell! Up in the middle of the night hacking away at myself like there's no tomorrow and drawing blood. I've known my skin flare up when doing a detox before, but this is nothing like that, and I've not been that strict anyway to warrant such a hideous reaction.

Either that or someone has poisoned my clothes, like in Prince Of Persia. That's totally possible.

Today I will go for a ride on my bike before starting work at lunchtime. I was going to run but I think it will aggravate my knee, as would cycling all the way to work, so I'm thinking a fun ride on my bike along the railway will be in order. Nothing too strenuous, 20 flat kilometres.

Monday, 17 December 2012

That's Better!

My run was verging on good!
Firstly, the flood detoured me, and I had to go a way I hate going, as it's gently downhill along the railway line, meaning it's uphill all the way home, but at least it wasn't too slippery or soggy.
I ran for 3.1 miles then turned round, but as I was at 4.8 miles I could see in the distance the path was blocked by sheep being moved, so I decided to just time myself for 5 miles. Stopping my Garmin and waiting would have given me an unfair break, and I'm not sure if it would have worked to my advantage or disadvantage.

So, for the 5 miles I timed myself for, 11 min miles felt way too slow, even on the uphill bit, and so did an average of 10.42. After passing the time of day with the old bloke moving the sheep, I jogged the rest of the way home, as my knee was a bot twingy too. So I did run 10k, just with a little gap.

I put the new strap Martin gave me on my Garmin, it's a quick release velcro one, and also comes with a bike bracket that I have put on my road bike, so it can go from wrist to handlebars quickly and easily. I was going to put it on my mountain bike as I use it for my long work commutes, but the computer on my road bike is a bit temperamental and it will depress me to see how long it takes me cycle home on windy days, but when it comes to my road bike, I'm all about being nifty and shifting.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Naked Running

I went for a little run. I didn't get much sleep and felt sneezy and crap, and decided timing myself would be counter productive, so just went out the door and ran for the sake of it (called Naked Running, apparently), to get things moving again. I also went on my cross trainer for half an hour, and did some weights and stretching.

I ate brown rice and grapes. I took supplements. I went to bed at a decent hour.

It's been a couple of weeks since I last ran properly, and there was a week's gap before that.
Today I will be doing 10k and aiming for 11 min miles. The mp3 player and Garmin are charged and ready to go.
I have a better week work wise, and plan to have repaired the damage done by bad weather than a hectic timetable, by the end of this week, if not, definitely by Christmas.

I also plan to run on Christmas morning. It'll just be just me and the kid at home, so going out will not only do me good, but will also stop me feeling bad if I eat some junk (which I fully intend to do).

Basically more marzipan than you can shake a stick at.
I make these marzipan logs with raisins and cinnamon inside covered in dark chocolate....I'll post pictures when I make them.

Damn, that's a boring post. However, to keep myself remotely on track I like to post everyday so I don't just wander off.....

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Detox Dawn

It's a bit like the apocalypse here. Wind and floods.

My hallway is very soggy. If this wind keeps up there will be no bike action. Big bits of tree kept hitting the car as I was driving home last night, and I'd rather they didn't hit me when I'm on my bike.

There is nothing verging on junk in the house, and as well as training I also intend to spend time body brushing and laying in a bath with a load of sea salt in it.

A wild weekend, then. It's been a mad couple of weeks, so this is needed. Some extra sleep wouldn't go amiss either.

These are my new slippers. Matt sent them to me as a surprise. I have Hobbit feet :)

Friday, 14 December 2012

Weekend Of Awesomeness

Apparently it's going to be windy and raining this weekend, which is better than the ice that's been covering everything. I left work last night at 9pm and didn't go over 35mph, the wheels slipping more than once on the smaller country roads.

Tonight I am going out with my friends for a Christmas do. We shall go to Wetherspoons and I shall have the sweet potato and chick pea curry with chips, and I shall enjoy it, as to eat unhealthy food and feel guilty about it is pointless. That's like a lose/lose situation

And then the weekend of awesomeness begins.

As it will be windy, I'm not sure how this will effect my cycling, so my main stipulation is that I run on both days, a 5k and 10k, do two days of turbo fire, two days of yoga, and some weights. I will be able to get to the pool on Monday before work, and it won't be full of kids then.

I have bought a load of spinach, fruit, oats and brown rice.

I will then make an effort to be extra healthy all week, as that will be a nice build up to Chrsitmas.

This is going to be fun. I'm going to feel all fit and glowy!

Thursday, 13 December 2012


It snowed on me. Just as I was starting to run, it came down thick and slippery.
So I went home.
I did do some yoga and a session of Turbo Fire, but it's not like running, and I'm beginning to feel bad for not running, and minimal cycling.
And now today is lining up to be a git of a day. Have to get up super early to get the bus to work after dropping the car off at the garage last night, then get back before garage shuts so I can drive over to embalm a body, and will probably not be home until, erm, dunno. Late.
So my only chance for exercise will be dips and pulls on bannisters at work, and making myself pointlessly go up and down some stairs a few times.

However, I am off work this weekend, so will make it weekend of training and detox.
Two days of very healthy food and tons of exercise. Even if the snow is 8 feet thick, I will hike, I will get to the pool, and spend hours on my cross trainer. Focussing on how I'm going to repair everything and get myself moving again makes me feel less guilty or like I've failed (when really it was all the weather's fault...) and that makes me feel less bad. And if I feel good about it all, the exercise is not a chore to get done, but an activity I am choosing to do!

Yeah man, this weekend. I will do three sessions on each day.  I will eat lots of fruit and veg and brown rice. I will drink spinach. And herbal teas.

To keep a decent level of training up over a long time there has to be a contingency plans, and bumps in the road have to be expected. And I will work around them, rather than be derailed by them.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I Will Run Today

I got fancy Shot Bloks!! Ones from America! You can't get cranberry ones in Aberdeen, that's for sure. I don't like gels, I find them gooky. These are like chewy jelly sweets, made with organic brown rice syrup and pectin. I now need to run/cycle some distances that warrant them.

They were sent to me by Martin, along with a mini Seattle Space Needle, to go on my shelf of holiday souvenirs. :)

I am running today.
I really hope it's not too icy, I want to get at least 5 miles done. Yesterday there was just a thin slippery layer over everything, so no good for spikes or shoes, just good for falling over. As I've not been able to run as much I shall aim for a sensible time, maybe 10.45 min miles.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bugger Off, Wind.

(as in weather, not intestinal)

Cycling home was awful. Cycling to work was pretty awful too, but I'm glad I did it. Nice to get some proper hard exercise in again. The wind was against me on the way in, and had died down by the end of the day to be no help at all. However, the arm warmers Anneke sent me came in most handy. It's really hard to dress for such chilly weather when you know you're going to get hot, but arm warmers are the best! I wore them under my thermal top, and even when my arms felt hot, I had no urge to remove them. It's like having very hot hands. A happy toastie feeling, rather than an urge to dis-robe.

I was going to go swimming this morning but I have to work at my other job, and then later tonight I am going to see Speedy, so some exercise will need to be shoe-horned in to my day. This is a manic week with lots of overtime, so will have to be vigilant in making sure I get the training in.

I should run really tomorrow, but I'm almost scared. It's going to be hard going.

Monday, 10 December 2012


I set my alarm early enough to cycle into work, but there were gale force winds and rain whipping about, so I re-set the alarm and went back to sleep.
When I got home from work I did an hour on my cross trainer and half an hour of yoga. Still very DOMSy. Making 'ooff' and 'aahhh' noises when I get out of chairs.

I also found a cool banister in one of the buildings where I work, a nice stairway where I can hold on either side and lift myself up and let my legs swing, and so do some dips, and if I don't get to cycle in today I may well explode. It's been more than a week since I've been on either of my bikes, and only a couple of runs. It's depressing. Not just physically as I miss the exercise, but I'm scared I'll lose my progress, and start to slip back. My muscles are doing well with Turbo Fire, weights and resistance work, it's the cardio I'm worried about.

On the upside, my weight is going the right way. At least weighing less should make me faster even if I can't get as much training done.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Turbo DOMS

The day before yesterday's Turbo Fire has rendered me DOMSville, population, me.

Arms and quads. Ouch.

I didn't cycle to work yesterday as I wasn't in bed until late the night before, and shattered when I woke up. I did a good hour of yoga when I got home, and had a hot bath, as I want to be in cycling form today, and had an early night.

I really can't wait until the ground is normal and I can just run. Normal biking. Normal training.
This was supposed to be my week of running, and I'm really hoping the ground clears up so next week will run-tastic.

If my car holds out will be seeing Speedy early in the week for a meal.
The Turtle messaged to see what my reg number was to get parts for it. But that will have to be delayed as I have lots of other more urgent things to pay for on my car.

Saturday, 8 December 2012


I was going to run but the most recent lot of snow was melting yesterday, and everywhere was flooded again.

So, I did my Turbo Fire, and went on my cross trainer, and more hanging from my chin up bar.
I then gave my mountain bike a good wash and oil, and got ready to go out with the Speedy Pixie (also less pixie like after talking to for a while).
I thought I'd put some air in my car tyres on the way, and just as I was pulling out the nozzle the whole valve came with it, and I watched my car tyre deflate in seconds.
I tried to change the whole tyre, but the nuts were on so tight even jumping on the wrench did me no good. I didn't have time to wait for the breakdown company, so called my local garage as I was just down the road from them, and they sent a boy out rescue me (astronomical call out fee probably to follow) and with oily hands and wet knees from kneeling in the snow, I was on my way.

Speedy was on time, and we had fun, decent kiss, and I think he understands the importance of being good in the Hobbit, so that should be happening soon.

I need to get back on my bike, this weather is really ruining things. Booo snow and ice, booo!!!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Grippy Things!

I started work later yesterday so went for a run with the grippy things as they had arrived, hurrah!

It was only a brief few kms as I was short of time, and I went to the park again as there is less snow there, I think the amount of trees helps. Here where it's more exposed it's welly territory. I didn't cycle as the roads were really icy. However, my car misbehaved and I think the thermostat is stuck open, so I may well have to cycle to work this weekend if it doesn't behave.

This is them-

And this is where I ran. And as tempting as it was to see if the ice would hold my weight, I didn't try.

Going out with the Speedy Pixie tonight. I need to see if I can make him understand how important it is to be quiet in the cinema. I can't go and see the Hobbit with anyone who doesn't have good cinema skills.
This film is too important. If he doesn't grasp this I cannot go with him.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Phone Is Ringing!

My swimming plan for yesterday was to just swim a slow and steady mile. I've been doing a lot of drills recently, and just wanted to swim continuously without stopping at all, and so made sure I crawled along and did a mile in an hour.
I felt nice when I came out, my hips were nice and loose, (in an Elvis type of way) and I felt I could have easily done more.

I also did my Turbo Fire, and hung from my bar.

Not sure if I'll bike to work today, the weather is a bit mental and I don't want to slip off. However, my grippy feet things have arrived, so I'll be running or cycling today no matter what!

I have decided not to see either of the Biker Boys again.
I found myself trying to ignore things and convince myself that they were ok, but you can't force these things. It would be wasting my time and theirs.

A different bloke has asked me to see the Hobbit next weekend, and I don't know him well enough to give him a name so we shall see how that goes, nothing concrete has been arranged, and I'm wondering if I should take my kid instead. I also have mild dating fatigue.
However, he is a sporty running/cyclist type, so we have stuff to talk about, and his best marathon time is 2.52! Bloody hell! I know too many superfast men.
He reminds me of a tall pixie/gnome. I mean that in a good way.
He rings me, on the phone. To speak to me in person.
Clearly he hasn't been warped by life to fear the telephone as much as I do.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I Need An Ark.

Ice, snow, and floods. One minute I was sliding, the next my feet were buried in snow. At one point I thought I saw where the path went through the trees, but it was actually a ditch covered with ice and snow and I ended up standing in freezing muddy water halfway up my legs.

The worst part was I had to keep detouring, in places the flood was too deep to cross, so I would turn around and try and find another route, so was never able to settle into running, and constantly scared of slipping over.
I have planned 15k, and was going to aim at steady 11 min miles, which I managed, but gave up and went home after 7.6 km (it was the ditch incident that sealed it). At one point I was just going up and down a 200 metre length if path to try and get the distance it, it was like swimming.

However, it was a nice warm up for the week of running. I'm swimming and turbo firing tomorrow, and if I look back a few weeks ago, I'd have been happy to do nearly 5 miles in any weather at all at a steady pace, so not terrible really.

Whilst contemplating looking for the Christmas tree in the lorry container next to my house, I was distracted by a pair of wetsuit gloves, and wondered if they would be any good for cycling? They don't have any padding, but should be warm. In fact warm to the point of sweaty. I shall try them when going to work on Thursday, and I will also have super warm arms as lovely Anneke sent me some arm warmers from Wiggle, which will be perfect as my body is usually warm enough, it's my arms and legs that freeze.
I am proper happy with my set up :)

Although I didn't find the Christmas tree, but nevermind, plenty of time for that.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Turtle Attack!!

Oh, jeepers!

First off, no exercise, driving about the countryside in the snow looking at dead people, didn't get home till late, and so on, blah..


I had been thinking to myself maybe it was best not to see the Turtle. Although having my spark plugs done for cost price was very tempting, I thought it might be a bit weird.
But on the way home tonight I stopped at Tesco, and saw what I thought might be his car in the car park, a distinctive Land Rover.
I entered the supermarket gingerly, and down the first aisle I saw what looked like his younger brother.
Breathe out.
His brother has his car. That's fine.
Then off I go to get rabbit food and washing powder and there he is!!
Over a year since we split up and not seen him once! Anywhere! Ever!
I had been working all day and looked like crap, and it was weird and awkward.
In my weirdness I 'high fived' him, as it seemed like the thing to do. He looked confused as I held my hand up and I had to explain to him what I was doing, then he high-fived me back.
Then I agreed to him doing my spark plugs some time soon, said I'd be in touch, and I will.
The other Lucy is reading this and thinking 'Hmmm...I predicted this.....' and probably glowing with her psychic powers ;)

Then I came home to an awesome present from the lovely Rhonwhen 

The universe is telling me to get out there and have lots of (safe) sex.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Week 9

The weather is really messing things up, and my planned run was cancelled.
The paths were again just a sheet of ice, so I put my wellies on and dragged a reluctant teenager out for a bracing walk.

Went to see Biker/Boxer Boy.
He's nice to be with. He worried about me driving in the snow, and he is a very entertaining friend.
He's an engineer that's done a huge amount of travelling, as well as during university he was a bouncer, so he has lots of stories that involve riots, ladyboys, 'this one time in Texas', etc.
And he loves his dog and is a few years younger than me.
However, I don't know if we are friend-zoned, and so this could well rumble on a bit.....

And I also got a phone call from a different funeral director, he'll pay me almost double but he wants to see my work, so I have to get there this morning and actually do a good job and do everything properly.
It's a little backwater place. I bet they have the sort of equipment you find in a field hospital.

My plan for this week is this-

Monday - Whatever I can fit in, gonna be a manic day.

Tuesday - 15k run

Wednesday - swim + Turbo Fire

Thursday - 30 mile bike

Friday - 10k run + Turbo Fire

Saturday - 10k run

Sunday - 30 mile bike

Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Proper Grown Up Man.

Well Biker Boy number one is is very much Biker Man.
Very grown up. I bet he has a pension plan and votes in a careful, considered fashion.
I arrived 10 mins early and he was already there, and meal was nice and there was never a quiet moment, and he paid while I was in the loo, but not entirely sure if I really like him of if he really likes me.

He put his hand out to shake at the end and then used that to pull me in for a small-ish kiss, but then maybe that means nothing. Maybe he just kisses everyone. Like a person who is secretly French.
However, he gets major points for not laughing at me when I said I love the Golden Girls.

The DOMS from my attempted chin ups was ridiculous yesterday. The first part of the move, the 'dead hang' bit is what I'm mainly working on right now.
There was still a lot of ice and snow, so until my crampons arrive, I was stuck with the cross trainer, on which I managed an hour, grimacing bitterly with each arm movement. Which I love.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dental Ambush

So I get up and walk my daughter to school, but it takes forever as there is a thick layer of ice all over everything. I slipped up on gravel, people, GRAVEL.

So I think, 'Nevermind, I'll run this afternoon when it's melted'
Then I toddle off to the dentist for a harmless check up.
'You have a crack in a filling,' he says 'I'll fix that now'

Then so I stumble home, talking like a stroke victim with a big smear of blood on my chin.
And the ice hadn't melted.

But the Turbo Fire discs had arrived, whoo!
So I did the first session, or rather, had an unco-ordinated flail/seizure along to it.

I also ordered these as chances are this ice and snow situation will get worse before it gets better, and I want a solid winter of training with minimal weather disruption.

Next week will be a good week of training, as I am only working 3 days. One thing I will do is put a longer run in there, as I want next week to be running-based. My legs have had plenty of rest recently, so a 4 runs next week, two 5k, one 10, and a 15k will be just fine, along with one long work commute bike and one swim. And lots of TURBO FIRE!
And there will be a weigh in at the end of the week, for added motivation.
My clothes are feeling looser so I have the courage to get on the scales.